Adventure Time Turned Into Every Type of Fandom


Artists  Joe Hogan and Mike Vasquez have taken their love of Adventure Time, and integrated into their love of well, everything else. They’ve combined the wacky animated show with practically every pop culture franchise that has a major fanbase.

Yes, that’s Final Fantasy VII above, but below you’ll find Batman, Star Wars, Smash Bros., Zelda, Spider-Man, The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy, and of course, Disney Princesses. Check out the entire series, and be very upset if they missed your favorite fandom.









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  1. Really nice pics but I wouldn’t hang any on my wall and the comment, “every type of fandom” brings me to the conclusion that I am officially out of touch! lol

    – I’m not a Final Fantasy fan
    – I find anything associated with Marvel or DC (in particular Batman) to be horrendously pretentious and ultimately tame
    – I suspect GOTG will be just another tame movie/comic adaptation and therefore have no interest
    – I’m not and haven’t been for some time, 6 years old so Disney…Really?!
    – Nintendo haven’t been relevant since the death of the 64 and that goes for Zelda, Mario, Metroid and every other overly flogged, regurgitated IP they’ve clung onto for the last 3 decades
    – Never watched Walking Dead
    – Never watched GOT
    – Not particularly a big fan of Star Wars

    Or maybe I just subconsciously avoid anything universally liked!

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