Action Movie Situations That Don’t Happen in Real Life

I think we’re all aware of the fact that movies are enhanced in some way, shape, or form.   Whether it’s something as large as special effects and graphics that you might see in a movie like Avatar or as small as something like a person’s lips looking a little bit bigger than they are, movies do what they can to get their point across.

However, some movies just go extremely overboard with stuff that simply doesn’t happen in the real word.  The movies I’m referring to are action movies.  Heroes in these movies aren’t super heroes but it sure as hell seems like they are.

Check out these four situations that are quite unrealistic…..

One Bullet Blowing Up a Car

How many action movies have you seen where a cop, hero, whoever,  points a gun at a car, pulls the trigger and then BAM!  The car blows up.  I mean unless there’s some serious gasoline around the car this wouldn’t happen.  And if if there were gasoline there would just be fire, not an explosion until the fire caught the gas in the engine of the vehicle.  The only thing I ever liked about the movie The Last Action Hero is the scene where Arnold is in the real world and he shoot a car expecting to explode only it doesn’t.

Getting Shot and Being Completely Fine

“Sure no problem!  Just shoot me in the arm and I’ll be happy to use it in a fight.”  I feel like this should be the mantra in about any “dude” flick out there.  Let me tell you something.   If you get shot in the arm not only are you not lifting that arm but you might even have trouble walking because of the pain.  You sure as hell don’t lift it and fight other people with the injury.

One Punch knocking people out cold

It happens in Karate movies more than anything else but it’s all the same.  Nearly every single time you see a hero kicking ass by use of his fists or feet it usually only takes one hit to knock the bad guys out.  That is of course unless the bad guy is the main bad guy and can fight too.  But even Bruce Lee couldn’t just punch a guy and then he’s completely done.   Only in rare cases in real life does one kick or punch completely put a guy out of commission.  I’m afraid taking on 10 guys just isn’t as easy as movies make it out to be.

The explosion jump

I think I’ve seen this about 700 times.  It’s classic.  A hero is running against the clock because they know something is about to explode.  The minute the clock strikes zero they jump and then the explosion enhances the jump greatly and there is no injury.  Usually in these films the main characters aren’t too far from the explosions and the explosions usually contain C4.  Come on dudes.  A simple graze or amplified air isn’t the damage a crazy explosion like that would do.

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  1. Agreed with you on all except the knock-out argument.

    Given, it’s a bit difficult to do that, but it happened to me once, so i know, what I’m talking about.
    I punched a friend of mine in the head (cause he wanted me to) and immediately fainted. It lasted nearly half a minute until he regained consciousness. But we were teenagers and i guess if someone manages to hit you harder, then you could faint way longer.

  2. Bull. I teach mma, I knock people out in one hit on a regular basis. The only unrealistic part of that is how long a knockout actually tends to last. there’s a reason you win a boxing match on a 10 count.

  3. also, bruce lee was only 130 pounds. of course he couldn’t knock people out consistently in one hit. he didn’t have the power for it. That’s not what he was about.

  4. Yeah dude….the knockout thing is just not true. You may not be able knockout a trained fighter who is expecting you with one punch but when it comes to regular people one punch, not to mention one kick by an experienced fighter and they will go down faster then a russian hooker

    And yeah. I assure you someone like Bruce Lee could not only knock out someone like you and me with one punch but he can outright kill us. And that’s the vast majority of time. Not rarely.Not to mention what he can do with a kick. Hell most average boxers can put you down with one punch

  5. Not all people go down from one punch or kick. I’ve taken more than one punch from a trained boxer and been able to stand through it no problem. But Bruce Lee isn’t a trained boxer or fighter… He’s a killing machine. If he wants you to fall down, you fall down… If he wants you unconscious you wake up tomorrow… If he wants you dead, prepare a grave.

    The bullet car thing is bs… everyone knows it.

    Getting shot and being ok however is not bs. Your body is designed to continue after serious trauma. You have adrenaline and shock on your side that would allow you to get up and walk home. Not saying you could fight a war for the better part of 2 hours and be ok without medical help… But you could certainly get shot, and go and stab a guy.

    The explosion jump is odd.. Yes the concussion from the blast would launch you if it was substantial enough… No you don’t just happen to jump at the right time… No you don’t get up and walk away from it. You survive if you’re lucky. You have a serious concussion, internal bruising or worse, and possibly broken bones.

  6. Aside from the “One Punch Knockout” (which happened to me once, a sucker punch to the head that I never had a chance to see coming), the other one I have to take issue with is the “Getting Shot and Being Completely Fine.” There’s a thing called adrenaline that is evolved to jack your body up to its absolute maximum potential in life-or-death situations, and I think being shot qualifies. So unless a vital organ has been hit, or you’re bleeding out from a major blood vessel, you’re gonna be able to keep going for a LITTLE while.

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