This Week in Movie Trailers!

need for speed

by Lyle Smith

Hello folks, and welcome to Friday the 27th of September: a perfect, random day for This Week in Movie Trailers!

Starting to get a little chilly, right? Well maybe we have some good ol’ Christmas movie trailers to help with that! Or maybe not. You decide! Some good, some bad. Like always. Let’s go!

Walking With Dinosaurs

Well, this looks kinda silly with all that telepathic dino-logue (hahah) I mean–screw it. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?! This looks fun! Gooo!

Need for Speed

Well, ok! I am a huge Breaking Bad fan and I love Aaron Paul. That being said, it’s really weird and off-putting to hear him spew out cheesy dialogue like that only because I still only see him as Jesse Pinkman; but that’s obviously just me. Regardless, nothing much is revealed in this trailer, so I can’t really say too much! I WILL say that I absolutely LOVE the Fast and Furious series (make 100 more, please; so much fun to watch) and this seems like a bit more serious version of that franchise. Also, it’s based on a popular racing video game, so what harm can come of that? Conclusion: Will go see Aaron Paul. YEAH, BITCH!

Sunlight Jr.

Every time I say “Well, this probably isn’t for me,” immediately all of these awards the film won pop up and then I suddenly feel uncultured and stupid and that I should see it. But I won’t. This probably will be good though, but I tend to avoid these kinds of films until I have to.

 The Motel Life

This won’t come to my theatres but I really want to see this. Wait, actually, I am moving to much bigger city in November, so it might just end up there. Perfect!

A Madea Christmas

Hahahaha dear GOD NO. Where are the good Christmas movies at??


Is this one of them? It looks very pretty and kinda charming. Why not!? I don’t know.


I, uhh, ok. You know, I can’t decide whether to laugh out loud or to be seriously creeped out by Steve Carell’s performance in this trailer because all I can see is Michael Scott doing one of his “role-play” characters from the Office. “Prison Mike”! What do I do? Please tell me?! Regardless, this looks pretty great and I will see this.

Well, that’s it. See ya next week!

–          Lyle


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