A Tribal Stormtrooper Mask


What if that Star Wars didn’t happen in a galaxy far far away? What if it happened right here, a long time ago, and we simply just forgot and adapted the story over the years?

Perhaps the Stormtroopers weren’t jetting around in space. Maybe they were hunting through the jungles of the rainforest, lobbing spears at “rebel” tribes who didn’t have cool masks, but maybe had swords polished to a shine that almost looked like light itself.

Or maybe this is just a really cool woodworking project. Either way, awesome.

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  1. That’s Daniel Logan’s Maori styled helmet which was his contribution to the TK charity project for Make A Wish at Star Wars Celebration V in 2010. He commissioned that piece to be made which was then sold off for Make A Wish. I helped setup the one The Dented Helmet did at last years Celebration and we made around $135k for Make A Wish.

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