A Second Go at Chrono-ing Futurama

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Guys, there are still a million crossovers still out there! We don’t need to be repeating ones already.

But I will say, even though we’ve seen Chrono-Futurama before, this new version is a bit of an upgrade as it is a lot more detailed and has 100% more Zoidberg.

It’s from artist Tom Preston, who is not the artist of the original, despite most of the characters matching up. I really need to play this series some day.

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  1. Wha wha whaaaaat? You never played the Chrono series?? Man. Chrono Trigger is a great 16 bit era RPG; one of the best actually. I personally LOVED Chrono Cross, but it’s not everybody’s cup of tea because it was such a departure from the first one.

  2. If you have a DS please do yourself a favor and go pick up Chrono Trigger. In regards to your debate of the day, I believe it is an older game that you could easily pick up and get into. It’s one of the best turn based RPGs out there. No random encounters. If you see an enemy, you run into them, the fight starts right there on the map. It has 7 different characters to choose from and you can combine most of their special attacks to form double and triple attacks (for instance sword spin + fire = fire sword spin).

    It does time travel so well. What you do in the past has an effect on what you do in the future. It has a very standard equipment system (weapon, head, chest, accessory) that I think most modern RPGs need to get back to. Also if you pick up the DS version it has the cut scenes that were added into the PS1 version drawn by Akira Toriyama of Dragonball fame.

    I’m sure I will not be alone in saying that you need to get a play through of Chrono Trigger under your belt ASAP.

  3. Fat and Ian are absolutely correct, Paul. Chrono Trigger is, to this day, still my favorite game of all time. The only complaint I have is that it may be a tad on the easy side, but the story, gameplay, music and everything else makes up for this.

    Of the tiny minority of gamers who speak ill of Chrono Trigger (most of whom do so out of the “I have to hate everything that most people like” troll-esque mentality), a main thought is that people are nostalgically remembering the games, and that in retrospect any memories of the game will be warped by how much you remember enjoying the game, not how much you actually would enjoy it today. As someone who replays the game at least once every two years or so, I can assure you I’m not clouded by rose-colored nostalgia glasses. It’s just that good.

    As Ian said, do yourself a favor. Get it, play it, love it.

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