A Massive Gallery of Pixar Superheroes

Pixar Heroes 43


Wow, I’m absolutely in awe of the scope of this CGI project from Phil Postma. He’s taken nearly every Pixar character under the sun and converted them into Marvel and DC superheroes.

Sometimes this is a simple reskin, other times it seems much more involved. Different Pixar films collide as well. Above you can see Mary “Merida” Jane and Peter “Linguini” Parker, and there’s plenty more like that.

There are FIFTY of these in total, and its hard to think of a Pixar character or main hero or villain that he’s left out here. Really impressive work.Pixar Heroes 26



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  1. These are amazing. Love Wolverine, he’s so gleeful with those claws.
    That said, Merida’s face on Ivy’s curvaceous body is kind of unsettling. Mirage as Mystique/Black Widow works really well, though. Wasn’t Mirage supposed to be a nod to Mystique in The Incredibles, anyways?

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