A Gallery of the Over-Exuberance of Will Smith

by Laura Aguirre

Will Smith might just be the biggest movie star there is. He’s also probably the loudest movie star on the face of the planet. Yup, when Big Willie gets excited, he ain’t afraid to show it.

Sadly, for the past few years – three to be exact – Mr. Smith was absent from the big screen. Now he’s back with Men In Black III and moving on to bigger and hopefully better projects. I’m really excited for said comeback, mainly because I’ve loved Willie since his humble beginnings as a TV actor on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

So, to honor his comeback, I’ve gathered 15 photos of Will Smith yelling (or doing some kind of vocal aggression). Check it out:

(ed. note by Paul – I found this way more funny than I should have)

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  1. J5 – That is incredibly perverted. You have quite a dick obsession. That’s ok, I mean, it’s your fetish, so own it. However, your comment caught me such by surprise, you now owe me a new monitor. You may have in exchange, my now cola-covered one I just “spit-taked” on.

  2. Thumbs down.

    There is no “over exuberance” in any of these pics.

    Even if he was very excited in these pics, it is a good thing for him.

    Every picture has his mouth open. So what.

    If you are a fan of his then cool pics.

    Bottom line: Whatever.

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