A Gallery of Engagement Photos Based on Up


I never really understood the point of engagement photos, because I mean, it’s not like you’re married, but then two of my best friends got engaged when I was living in NYC, and being present for that photoshoot, and then seeing the end result, I changed my mind.

But as good as their pics turned out, they’re not quite as cool as this set of photos, which feature a happy couple who wanted to have their pictures echo one of the most touching romances in modern film history, the one in Up between Carl and Ellie.

Check out the full photoshoot below. Is it killing the mood to suggest they could have recreated the tearjerking hilltop scene? Come on, that would have been a little funny.








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  1. not to down play the devotion to UP but to me some of the photos look like ADs for Boylan Bottle works Grape Soda. i think it would also have been neat if they redid the photos from the album Carl carries with him.

  2. How gay…

    Did I stumble onto Womens Day?….


    The chick in me thinks these are cute…
    The bitter bitch below, wishes this was a post about UP Cosplay or something else..

    But yes. It is cute.

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