Movie Recommendation of the Week: The Flamingo Kid

I can’t believe I never mentioned this movie before.  What in the world is wrong with me?  If you want classic Matt Dillon, this is definitely a great pick for you guys.    Anyway, here’s the quick synopsis of The Flamingo Kid

Jeffrey Willis has just finished high school and isn’t quite sure what the future holds. His parents expect him to go to college but he is starting to find his close-knit family stifling. He gets a summer job at the Flamingo club where he meets Phil Brody, a successful car dealer who fills Jeffrey’s head with ideas about how to make his fortune. Phil is everything Jeffrey would like to be – popular, rich and the best gin rummy player the club has ever seen. Jeffrey’s coming of age includes a romance with the very pretty Carla Samson, but the shine on Phil Brody’s philosophy of life wears off when he uncovers a significant flaw in his character.

I won’t ruin the rest but suffice it to say it’s just one of those fun, summery movies.  And let’s not forget a young, hot Janet Jones as the lovely Carla Sampson.  Also you’ve got Richard Crenna playing Brody as well as Hector Elizondo playing Dillon’s dad.   Oh and there’s this one female who is amazingly hot.  She’s in the movie Mannequin 2, that’s all I know.  Her real name is Carole Davis.

Anyway, check out the trailer after the jump…


Classic 60’s fun style movie.

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