A Few Cool Disney Princess Paintings

Disney princesses are most of our first childhood crushes, even if we didn’t quite understand it at the time. After Topanga and Clarissa (who explained it all), they were our true childhood loves, and so we like to see them revisited from time to time.

This isn’t a complete set gallery, but it’s a start, and worthwhile in its own right. It’s from Jace Wallace, and features a few Disney princesses painted in a pretty realistic manner, with close-ups to show just how much detail has gone into the paintings.

I’m waiting for the day when they just start straight up remaking classic Disney movies with live action actors, and when that day comes, Mila Kunis should totally be Jasmine.

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  1. no jasmine should be played by an actual indian girl, or a pakistanian girl not mila kunis! it should be accurate, plus some of tose sothasain women are really pretty/hot

  2. No, Jasmine should NOT be played by an Indian or a Pakistani… Jasmine, as drawn in the cartoon, is Persian, which means someone from Iran or Eastern Iraq, and thus, an Irani woman should play Jasmine in a live-action version.

  3. ACTUALLY In the original Arabian nights, the story of Aladdin and the lamp took place in China! 1001 Arabian Nights was Persian story where Scheherazade and her sister told the stories to the king to keep their heads! The stories took place in various countries. Not just Persia. Aladdin took place in China. Jasmine would be Chinese.

  4. @Brittany, but this is all about Disney, and the first Disney Aladdin movie was mainly based on the medieval city of Baghdad, so that’s approx. where the actress should come from to be accurate.

  5. * To add, though, I’m not exactly in love with the amount of “Woman” on that DeviantArtv account. I don’t feel like being called pervy simply because all someone can draw is naked chicks.


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