A Collection of Corny Chuck Norris Jokes that are Admittedly Hilarious

Everyone loves a good, corny joke every now and again, no matter what it is about, and some of the best corny jokes are those that involve the one and only Chuck Norris. The martial artist and acting icon has definitely made a name for himself over the years in the entertainment industry, and no one can seem to forget the almighty power that is Chuck Norris even to this day. In fact, many fans of the star have come up with great memes, jokes, and other little quips throughout the years, and that are still spouted off today. We have found a gallery of some of the most corny Chuck Norris jokes that are out there today; So, if you are needing your daily dose of funny, you can take a look at the gallery that is posted below:

All of these corny jokes have one thing in common, and that is attempting to display the almighty power that is Chuck Norris. From comparisons to a bet with Superman, to intimidating a grizzly bear into laying like a rug, there is not one thing that Chuck Norris can’t do. He is a man that can seem to do no wrong, that is the hero of the day for many fans, and that can also seem to split a tree in half with one round house kick. We are sure that there will be more and more corny and stupidly hilarious jokes to come that involve Chuck Norris, and they will never cease to amaze us. This has been our look at the gallery of corny Chuck Norris jokes that are actually pretty hilarious, to say the least.

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