7 Movie Scenes That Would Make Any Grown Man Cry

It happened again last night.  I saw Field of Dreams.  It’s one thing when you just see a scene or two.  But it’s another when you watch the film in its entirety.   Having gone through the whole film and eventually seeing the father and son play catch scene, to not cry would mean I might be the most insensitive man on the planet.

But since I am not, and I did in fact cry, I figured I’d love for movies that I’ve cried from.  Seven movies immediately came to mind.  And I’ve gathered the exact scenes that are tear worthy.

Careful because there are spoilers here if you haven’t seen these…..

Father-Son Scene in Field of Dreams


Any male who has seen this movie, has a father, and knows anything about baseball would cry to this scene.  There’s just no way you don’t.  It’s not possible.  Especially after you see the entire movie and realize what he’s gone through and just to have one more moment with his dad.  It’s heart wrenching.

End Scene in A Time to Kill


First of all this speech is unreal.  Second of all if you actually listen to it and then close your eyes it’s tough man.  Imagine you are a father and your daughter goes through something like this?  It makes me cry just thinking about it let alone seeing the movie.

Father-Son French Toast Scene in Kramer vs Kramer


What a fantastic scene.  In just one moment you can see how far the two have come.  How in the beginning they couldn’t do shit together and at the end how something as complex (in the beginning) as French toast becomes routine.  When he hugs his dad and you hear him whimper it’s really tough.

End Scene in Shawshank Redemption


I cry every single time you see Red on the beach hugging Andy.   Every single time.  I think it’s because you’re relieved that the movie is over and you just appreciate how much they both went through.  To see them free together warms the heart.

Freedom! in Braveheart


I don’t care how crazy Mel Gibson is.  It takes nothing away from how awesome this film is.  And I can guarantee you if you’re alone, watching this movie all the way through?  You will cry when he says “freedom.”

Almost Anything in Schindler’s List – but the Gravestone Scene at the End


Male or female you end up crying a hell of a lot in the movie.  But even I could contain myself most of the way through.  But the end?  No chance.  When you see all the real survivors putting stones on the graves it’s absolutely impossible to bear.

Pursuit of Happyness – When he Gets the Job


This is another one of those happy moments that makes you cry.  You just feel everything the main character went through to get that job and when he finally does?  I definitely had some moisture.


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