20 Things Made out of Old Gadgets

I’m a big fan of recycling but generally when I think of the concept I refer to bottles or plastic.   I enjoy the idea of helping the environment by reusing some of our materials when they can be reused again.  But if I have to be honest I’m not the biggest proponent of saving every little thing like some people.

But perhaps I should start thinking about that.  Because with a little creativity you can take some out of date stuff and make some damned cool little gadgets and other things.  All it takes is a little bit of mechanical know how and you’ve got yourself some pretty original items to display in your home.

Here are 20 things made out of old gadgets…..

Atari Cartridge Clock

Old Typewriter Turned Mac Keyboard

Recycled iMac G4 Lamp

Circuit Board Car

Old CD/DVD iPhone Dock

Motherboard Table

Xbox 360 tissue-dispensing alarm clock

Recycled Keyboard Notebook

Circuit Board Clipboard

Bike clocks

Recycled Milk Bottle Lamp

Computer Jewelry

Recycled Circuit Board Ring

Circuit Board Key Chain

Floppy Disk Notepad

Recycled Circuit Board Clock

Recycled Vinyl Record Address Book

Electronic Guitar Pick

Phone Opener

Bicycle Wheel Clock

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  1. does anyone know if those symbols on the Recycled Circuit Board Clock are actual, pre-existing symbols for the numbers or are just made up? if they’re pre-existing, what are they? they look cool

  2. @ woody

    6 o clock is the symbol for electrical ground

    5 o clock is a resistor

    4 is a diode i think (although i learned it slightly differently)

    2 o clock is supposed to be a capacitor (ones again, i learned it slightly differently, but thats what it seems to be)

    8 o clock is a inductor (i think)

    those are the ones i can recognize

  3. @woody:
    1 is a logic gate, not clear but either an or or nor gate
    3 looks to be a light bulb,incandescent
    4 is another logic gate , not gate
    5 is a variable resistor
    6 is DC return
    7 is earth ground
    9 is a thermistor
    10 is a jack, power or audio I can’t tell
    11 looks to be a speaker
    12 is an aerial

    Hopes that helps.

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