12 Types of People You Find at a Urinal (Comic)


We just haven’t been dabbling in comics enough lately.  Fear not people.  Today we are righting that ship.  And what better a way to start our voyage back into the comic world than this choice graphic on the types of people you will find in a urinal?  Yup, we’re never too old for potty humor.  Enjoy the comic after the jump….


[Source: C-Section Comics]

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  1. They forgot the annoying whistler. What is it about doing your business in arm’s reach of strangers that forces men to do that? I honestly wonder if they do that home alone.

    1. iknew someone that would do that… they said it helped them pee in public, but they dont whistle at home though lol. like when you take a crap and read or play on a hand held device. it allows you to relax

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