Does Starfire Deserve a Feature DC Comics Film?

Starfire is a DC Comics character. To be exact, she is one of the more notable members of the superhero team called the Teen Titans, though this is truer for some incarnations than for others. Design-wise, it is interesting to note that Starfire is supposed to be Red Sonja in space, which was combined with a Mighty Mouse contrail when the suggestion was made to lengthen her hair.

Background-wise, Starfire is the superhero name of Koriand’r, a princess of the fictional Tamaranian civilization. For various reasons, she has been exiled from her home planet, which is why she eventually winds up on Earth. One of the constants is that Starfire has an antagonistic relationship with her older sister Blackfire, though the exact nature of the antagonism is something that can see significant variation from interpretation to interpretation.

Does Starfire Deserve a Feature Film?

Some people might be wondering whether Starfire deserves a feature film or not. After all, there are times when it seems that the DC Extended Universe is just hurling out idea after idea in hopes of seeing what will stick, as shown by the fact that there are movies being developed for everyone from Lobo to Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Based on this, it is clear that the people behind the DC Extended Universe are perfectly willing to give second-tier characters a chance, meaning that Starfire’s status as a member of a superhero team rather than a major headlining character in her own right shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

With that said, it is important to note that Starfire tends to be a team player. There have been plenty of stories in which she served as the main character, but they are very much the exception rather than the rule. As a result, while it is far from being impossible to come up with a solo story for Starfire, it would nonetheless require an increased amount of effort.

However, it seems that the biggest problem will be the execution of a Starfire movie. Simply put, Starfire is a character that can be handled either very well or very poorly. For instance, it wasn’t that long ago when a sizable chunk of the fanbase expressed outrage at an interpretation of Starfire who revealed that her species didn’t see humans as being much more than sensory experiences, which was a huge contrast to previous interpretations who tended to be very friendly and very open with her emotions. As a result, the new revelation was soon retconned, but had nonetheless had a negative impact on the perception of the character. Theoretically, a Starfire that is closer to the normal state of the character could be interesting, whereas a Starfire that took too much inspiration from that particular interpretation would suffer for it, particularly if the movie is aiming for the people whose strongest impression of the character would be the bubbly, cheerful, but nonetheless quirky version from Teen Titans.

Summed up, Starfire could make for a pretty good candidate for a DC Extended Universe movie. Certainly, there are other second-tier characters that are being considered, meaning that Starfire wouldn’t be alone in this regard. Moreover, it should be mentioned that Starfire’s background could actually be made into a pretty simple and straightforward origin story, seeing as how the best-known version sees her growing up on her home planet with a hostile relationship with her sister, winding up being captured by hostile aliens, being held by hostile aliens who proceed to experiment upon her, her breaking out to steal a spaceship, and her managing to make it to the planet Earth just in time to get into the Teen Titans at its start.

Could Starfire Get a Feature Film?

Unfortunately, while Starfire isn’t a bad choice for a movie, the chances of her getting one don’t seem too high at the moment. Generally speaking, DC Comics doesn’t like its movie and TV shows overlapping, which is why there has been no mention of potential movies for the characters that already have their own TV shows. Since Starfire is already on the new series about the Teen Titans, the chances of her getting a movie of her own don’t seem to be that great. However, there have been reports of a Nightwing movie being under development, meaning that if that succeeds, that could see Nightwing-related characters such as Starfire becoming prominent enough to secure something down the line. As a result, there isn’t much cause for hope, but the situation isn’t 100 percent hopeless.

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