The Terrible Truth About Skyrim: Special Edition (Comic)


The weekend brought a ton of attention to the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim world with the Special Edition making it into the hearts of many gamers.  But with any release there’s going to be bugs, people complaining, and things that you just didn’t expect.  Some of these are positive.  Some negative.  And many are just up for interpretation.  One feature that’s getting a lot of press has been the graphical update.  Perhaps no better an interpretation of this update is out there than this newly released comic.

Here’s a short description from JHall over at Dorkly.

The graphical update to the absurdly popular Elder Scrolls: Skyrim game probably seems like a surefire success, but some gamers may not view this as a huge step forward for the series.

Enjoy the rest of the comic!





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