12 Movies That Will Make You Afraid to Go on Vacation

Everyone needs a vacation at least once a year, and if your job won’t let that happen, quit. They’re a natural de-stressing part of life, and without them, you’d go crazy.

But we all have our vacation stories from hell, and the trips don’t always turn out the way we plan. But despite rude taxi drivers or a roach in the hotel, we all usually come back safe and sound.

This is not the case on film. Before planning any type of vacation, I would consult this handy guide on which movies NOT to watch before you go.

1 . Cruise Ship – Expectation:

A mobile armada of fun.

Reality (Triangle):

Bending space-time to witness mass murder for eternity.

2. Tropical Resort – Expectation:

Ahhh, paradise.

Reality (Turistas):

“OK, you can have one kidney, but that is IT!”

3. Backpacking Through Europe – Expectation:

“I really hope we get to go to the Louvre!”

Reality (Hostel):

“I really hope I at least get to keep my balls.”

4. Scuba Diving – Expectation:

The wonders of nature!

Reality (Open Water):

“Maybe we can ride the sharks back to land?”

5. Road Trip – Expectation:

“Destination: Adventure!”

Reality (The Hitcher):

At least if the guy looks like Sean Bean, we know he’s going to die.

6. Ski Trip – Expectation:


Reality (Frozen):

“I hope there aren’t horribly CGI’ed wolves down there.”

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  1. Weren’t they specifically looking for Ruins in that movie? A normal vacationing person wouldn’t have done what they do. That’s why it shouldn’t be on the list, and that’s also why I don’t find movies like that scary. I am more scared by movies that don’t require the main characters to do something stupid that puts themselves in harm’s way, like searching for a missing person at a creepy archaeological dig.

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