12 Movies That Will Make You Afraid to Go on Vacation

7. Spring Break – Expectation:


Reality (Piranha 3D):

“What do you mean this pool isn’t one big margarita?”

8. Theme Park – Expectation:

“G-forces bro!”

Reality (Final Destination 3):

“I should have kept my arms in the vehicle at all times”

9. Australian Outback -Expectation:

“G’day mate!”

Reality (Wolf Creek):


10. Camping – Expectation:

An adventure for everyone!

Reality (The Grey):

“Feed it the cats.”

11. Caving – Expectation:

“We’re explorers!”

Reality (The Descent):

“I am all that is woman!”

12. RV Trip – Expectation:

“It’s a vacation anywhere we stop!”

Reality (The Hills Have Eyes):

“Unless the place happens to be filled with inbred rape-happy super mutants.”

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  1. Weren’t they specifically looking for Ruins in that movie? A normal vacationing person wouldn’t have done what they do. That’s why it shouldn’t be on the list, and that’s also why I don’t find movies like that scary. I am more scared by movies that don’t require the main characters to do something stupid that puts themselves in harm’s way, like searching for a missing person at a creepy archaeological dig.

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