10 Women and Minority Presidents From Television and Movies

Ever since Obama has been President, the idea of a woman or minority candidate winning the presidential election is not only a reality, it’s becoming more and more likely.  The thing is, in the movies and on TV, minority and women presidents have held office well before Obama even decided to run.  Here’s a list of ten women and minority presidents from television and movies.

President Laura Roslin – Battlestar Galactica


Former Secretary of Education Laura Roslin became President of the Twelve Colonies after a cylon attack left her as the highest ranking political figure in the Presidential line of succession.  Cylons don’t eff around.  In addition to battling cylons, President Roslin often encounters health problems, particularly cancer.

President Allison Taylor – 24


First appearing in the surprisingly good 24: Redemption, President Taylor became the first woman president and has kept that role in the seventh season of 24.  Taylor was a U.S. Senator and defeated incumbent President Noah Daniels.  President Taylor currently has a lot on her plate: terrorist attacks (of course, this is 24), her unbelievably annoying husband, and the mysterious death of her son.  It’s a good thing she can count on Jack.

President Tom Beck – Deep Impact


President Tom Beck has the unenviable task of informing the American public that a comet is heading toward Earth and will likely destroy much of mankind upon impact.  In addition to attempting to destroy the comet with nuclear weapons a la Armageddon, Beck declares martial law and holds a lottery, the winners of which will be allowed to live underground in caves in hopes of surviving the collision.  Deep Impact wasn’t the greatest movie, but:

Deep Impact : Armageddon :: Ridley Scott : Tony Scott

Yeah, I think that works.

President Lindberg – The Fifth Element


President Lindberg is essentially Debo from Friday as President without being a complete bully.  Obviously, people listen to what President Lindberg says.

President David Palmer – 24


David Palmer is as memorable as any television or movie president, regardless of race of gender.  For three seasons of 24, President Palmer served the Unites States honestly, firmly, and admirably, and made the perfect partner for Jack Bauer.  There’s no denying that Palmer is a stud – he played college basketball at Georgetown and managed to keep his cool when most presidents would have hid under their desks.  Palmer’s assassination in Season 5 of 24 was a dark, dark day for television.  I bet I could fall asleep in his big, bear arms in less than two minutes.

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