Well This is Amazing/Horrifying/The End of My Childhood


Full disclosure: I attended a swingin’ videogame event last night that was suitably off the chain. People of note were in attendance, arcade games were played, drinks were had, I handed out some business cards, the talk was talked, and the walk was walked. However, the shindig happened to be very far away from where I live, and my commute involves riding a boat. True story.

By the time I got home and began writing up my coverage of the event, I was knackered. I decided it would be best for you (but mostly for me) if I saved my thoughts for next week.

Luckily for you, and hold on to your hats because this post is about to be best for you again, I’ve been sitting on this ridiculous gallery of Disney face swaps for some time now, waiting for the perfect time to share it with the world.

The time is now. Get ready to laugh until you realize your childhood is ruined.

Off-topic, shameless plug alert: I’ve also written yet another piece on Journey. Fair warning, it’s heavy. Read it here.

All images from disneyfaceswap.tumblr.com.

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  1. Madame, you sicken me. These images should not be viewed by anyone. Ever. On the other hand, that Journey piece is a thing of exquisite beauty, and therefore thoroughly unqualified to accompany this gallery of Lovecraftian horror you’ve unleashed upon us for God knows what reason.

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