10 Very Funny “Owned on Facebook” Pics

If there’s one thing I can take out of Facebook in all the years I’ve been around it, it’s that you simply don’t want to get mixed up in being too personal on the site.   What I mean is, keep it light for Christ’s sake.  Don’t talk about your personal life.  Don’t bitch about work.  Just stop!

Use it as a place to keep in touch with friends but leave the “real” chatter to the phone, texts, whatever.  Just don’t do it on the site.  You’re setting up yourself for a big time failure.

But some people clearly don’t listen.  Check out these awesome fails….

Click on the photos for full sizes

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  1. Some of these are actually pretty damn funny.

    It does actually go to show that you really should not use Facebook to post every intimate detail of your life as you never know who might be reading.

    Or in the case of the last one, who isn’t really reading. It was a devious move by our unidentified lady but it does go to show the female of the species is deadlier than the male.

  2. Paranoid, so i don’t have an account on fb. I enjoyed LOL reading these…Consider making them a regular part of this blog. I’d read that sh– up! Quite entertaining.

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