10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lord Zedd

Lord Zedd was one of the most memorable villains from the earlier seasons of Power Rangers. In short, he was a sorcerer from space who wanted to conquer the universe, who had no real interest in planet Earth until he learned about his minion Rita Repulsa’s repeated failures to beat the Power Rangers. However, in spite of Lord Zedd’s presence in the show, his past was rather mysterious, which is why there have been a lot of fan theories offered up about him by the fandom. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Lord Zedd:

1. Original Creation

Power Rangers fans should be familiar with the fact that the show uses material from the Japanese show Super Sentai. However, Lord Zedd was unusual in that he was an original creation of the Power Rangers show, thus making him one of a small number of such characters.

2. Got a Lot of Parents Concerned

Besides that, Lord Zedd was also one of the Power Rangers characters that caused the most concern on the part of parents. In part, this was because of his grotesque appearance. However, there was his poor treatment of his minions, which was toned down in later episodes in response to parental concerns.

3. His Form Is Not Natural

Lord Zedd’s most famous form isn’t natural. It was stated in Power Rangers: Zeo that his grotesque appearance was caused by his misuse of the Zeo Crystal, which was so powerful that another villain went after it for the purpose of furthering his conquests in spite of Lord Zedd and his own daughter cautioning him against it.

4. He Got Married Because of a Love Potion

Speaking of which, Lord Zedd was married to said villain’s daughter, who would be another one of the earlier Power Rangers seasons’ most famous villains Rita Repulsa. Originally, Lord Zedd got married because Rita used a love potion on him, but by the time that the love potion had worn off, the two had apparently fallen in love with one another for real.

5. Lord Zedd Might Have Been Human

There are some fans who believe that Lord Zedd might have been human before he became whatever he is by the start of the Power Rangers show. This is possible because the Power Rangers setting has human life on other planets. Furthermore, it is rather curious that he and Rita Repulsa were turned into humans by the Z-Wave at the end of Power Rangers In Space even though the same event killed all other evil aliens.

6. Too Humanoid to Be Killed Off

Out of setting, the reasoning for Lord Zedd’s survival was much simpler. In short, he was too humanoid, meaning that the executives thought that the initial plan to destroy him and Rita along with all of the other evil aliens was a bit too much for the show. This was true for Lord Zedd even though he doesn’t look very human to say the least.

7. He Might Have Turned Evil Again

In the Power Rangers canon, Rita became a heroic character and has remained a heroic character. In fact, she can be considered a successor to Zordon of sorts, seeing as how she winded up becoming the Mystic Mother who created the Mystic Force powers. However, there is one video game of unknown canonicity that has Lord Zedd becoming evil again, while there are also fans who think that he went on to become Octomus the Master.

8. Movie Zedd Was an Alternate Universe Zedd

Lord Zedd had a very different look in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. Combined with other differences, fans started speculating that the movie was set in an alternate universe, which was eventually confirmed by Haim Saban, who was the one who made Power Rangers possible.

9. Foreshadowed In New Power Rangers Movie

There are those who think that Lord Zedd was foreshadowed in the new Power Rangers movie that came out in 2017. This is because the scene with Zordon crawling upon the ground of ancient Earth featured a long ship flying overhead, which was notable because Lord Zedd’s ship was supposed to be a long mechanoid dragon. With that said, the box office failure of Power Rangers means that the chances of a sequel are not exactly high.

10. His Z-Putties Do Have a Special Power

Lord Zedd’s Z-Putties received a lot of jokes from Power Rangers fans because they could be destroyed by just hitting them on the Z on their chests, thus making them no better than their predecessors. However, it turned out that Z-Putties really do have a special power, which is that they are capable of learning from their defeats because the same batch of Z-Putties are resurrected each time by Lord Zedd.

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