10 Things You Didn’t Know about Heroes in Crisis

Heroes in Crisis is a DC Comics crossover. However, it is focused on a murder mystery rather than some kind of cosmic struggle, thus making it very unique indeed. As such, people who are less than fond of previous DC Comics crossover might want to check out this one to see if it interests them. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Heroes in Crisis:

1. It Is a “Crisis” Crossover

DC Comics crossovers often include “Crisis” in their names. Those who are curious can check out the list of such crossovers, which number in the 20s. Some examples include but are not limited to “Crisis on Earth-X!,” Infinite Crisis, and Final Crisis.

2. Much Smaller Scale than Some of the Other “Crisis” Crossovers

So far, Heroes in Crisis has been on a much smaller scale than some of the other “Crisis” crossovers. However, this isn’t saying much, seeing as how those crossovers have something of a reputation for threatening the continuing existence of multiple universes or more.

3. Sparked Rumors of a Reboot

Amusingly, before Heroes in Crisis started up, there were rumors that a reboot was coming. This is perhaps unsurprising, seeing as how “Crisis” crossovers have been used to lead into reboots of the DC Comics setting. However, top leadership was fast to lay such rumors to rest.

4. Written by Tom King

It is interesting to note that Heroes in Crisis is written by Tom King, a comics industry intern who went on to become a CIA officer before becoming both an author and a comic book writer. As a result, he brings a pretty unusual perspective with him, which has had an interesting influence on his comic book writing.

5. Centered on the Sanctuary

For example, Heroes in Crisis is centered on the Sanctuary, which is a rehabilitation center for superheroes that was introduced by King in his earlier works. In short, the Sanctuary is very much inspired by crisis centers for veterans, which are meant to provide said individuals with a source of help when they are experiencing personal crises.

6. The Sanctuary Is Very Much Something that Would Exist in a Superhero Setting

With that said, the Sanctuary is very much something that would exist in a superhero setting. After all, it is supposed to help superheroes who have mental health issues because of their experiences with events that have threatened the existence of the Earth. PTSD seems like the sort of thing that would impact a significant number of said individuals, seeing as how feelings of horror and helplessness play a role in it.

7. Inspired by an Event in 2016

King has stated that Heroes in Crisis was inspired by a particular day in 2016. In short, what happened was that he suffered a panic attack for which he had to go to the hospital, which coincided with the death of his grandmother on the same day. As a result, King had to go to therapy in which he learned things that he decided to make use of in a comic book series.

8. Has a Couple of Focuses

Heroes in Crisis has a couple of focuses, One, it is focused on the emotional toll that a career as a superhero takes on individuals. Two, it is focused on the impact of violence on societies. Something that has already popped up in King’s other works because it is a topic that he is very interested in.

9. King Believes that It Is a Reflection of the Times

Speaking of which, King believes in comic books being a reflection of the times. He used the examples of both World War 2 comics, which were very much focused on said conflict, and 70s comics, which were much more interested in a sense of escapism. Due to this, he believes that an examination of violence and the impact of violence is necessary to reflect the current state of public discussion.

10. Stars the Trinity

Primarily, Heroes in Crisis stars the Trinity, meaning Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. However, it should be mentioned that both Booster Gold and Harley Quinn play important roles as well. The latter might seem like a strange choice, but DC Comics has been making an effort to make the character less reliant on the Joker as well as more of an anti-hero rather than a simple and straightforward villain.

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