This is Why A Historically Accurate Westworld Would Be Terrible


HBO has managed to tap into the emotions of every single person who likes sex again with Westworld.  I mean come on folks!  You don’t see what’s going on here?  Game of Thrones?  Now Westworld?  What do you actually think is happening here?  It’s “let’s see how insane a plot we can make up and just layer it with sex, then rinse and repeat with a different theme and plot, but still lots and lots of sex.”

If you’ve been lured into Westworld, that’s fine.  But it’s because of the sex.  Don’t even pretend it’s anything else.  Westworld has no sex and you’re like, “what the hell is this weird Western crap?” Anyway, this comic accurately describes this show if it were historically accurate.

From JHall:

Westworld is the biggest hit on TV right now, and it’s no wonder; not even counting the excellent writing, acting, cinematography, music, set design, practical effects, and nudity that would make Game of Thrones blush, the show depicts a world or pure wish fulfillment. Man I wish I had millions of dollars to visit robot Wild, Wild West! But when you think about it, the wild frontier isn’t exactly the place I’d choose for an expensive getaway.

Enjoy the comic!








Comic via JHall

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