10 Fun “If You Look Close Enough” Movie Mistake Screenshots

Movie Mistakes

There’s a ton of hard work that goes into the editing of a movie.  But even the editors can get a little careless at times.  If you’re working with thousands of frames, sometimes you overlook a thing or two.   The mistakes can be minor, and at other times the mistakes can be quite obvious.

I mean take the picture above as an example.  I think that’s hilarious.  Just last night I was watching American Gangster and in the scene where Russel Crowe first meets with his new crew you can clearly see RZA’s Wutang Clan Tattoo.   Now I’d have to think that wasn’t intended.

In any event, it’s always funny when these types of things crop up in movies.  I’ve found ten that I think are worth a look.

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Movie Mistakes

After a chase scene in which a yellow Porsche gets totally wrecked, it’s miraculously fine after they drive off.

Spider Man

Movie Mistakes

In the scene where Mary Jane is being mugged by four men, Spider-Man throws two of the men into two windows behind Mary Jane. The shot switches to Spider-Man beating up the other two guys. When it cuts back to Mary Jane the two windows are intact

The Matrix

Movie Mistakes

In the scene where Agent Smith is interrogating Neo, after Smith has sealed Neo’s mouth shut and he is backed into the corner, when the camera cuts back to Smith you can clearly see a reflection in his glasses of Neo still sitting down in the chair

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Movie Mistakes

Merry and Pippin were bound when taken by the Uruk-hai, and the bonds weren’t cut until after they managed to escape during the fight. Yet, when the horse almost crashed down on Pippin, he had his arms spread out up near his face, not bound, even though they weren’t cut until later. In the next shot, his hands are bound again.


Movie Mistakes

In the “Battle of Carthage” in the Colosseum, one of the chariots is turned over. Once the dust settles you can see a gas cylinder in the back of the chariot.

Ocean’s Eleven

Movie Mistakes

Linus and Rusty are standing in the Botanical Garden at the Bellagio going over Linus’ observations. Rusty has a cocktail glass of shrimp in hand. When they change angles he has a plate in his hand, then change back, it’s a glass.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Movie Mistakes

The T-1000 punches his body through the window of a helicopter to get inside. An instant later, the hole in the windshield is gone.

Harry Potter and the Sourcerer’s Stone

Movie Mistakes

At the start of term feast, after Harry is sorted into Gryffindor, he sits down on the right side of the table next to Ron. When the feast appears, Harry is on the other side of the table, next to Hermione.


Movie Mistakes

When Jack and Rose are going down with the ship, there is a man holding onto the flagpole. The man’s life jacket disappears and reappears

Back to the Future

Movie Mistakes

In the scene where Marty is being chased by the Libyans, a few times they cut away to show the instrumentation in the car. The first time the odometer reads 33064.2 and the trip counter says 88.8; the second time it’s goes back a little to 33061.8 and 86.4. A few seconds later we see it as he turns the corner, and it goes down again from 33,061.8 to 32,994.4, the trip counter has gone from 86.4 to 19. In fact it’s a completely different set of instrumentation – the bottom of the needle’s angled in some shots and flat in others

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  1. To me, the Back to the future one looks the same. In the top photograph, the needle is obviously moving, giving the pointed end a square shape. The other needles are all pointed, so why would that one be squared?

    Also, the shape of the readouts could be caused by different lenses being used. The oval shape could be caused by the use of a wide-angle lens, and the rounded one could be from using a telephoto lens and zooming in.

  2. Victor, it’s not about the shape of the speedometer in the image, it’s about the change in the miles that are on the car. Clearly they were shot at different points in production, but they were edited together, causing the continuity issue listed

  3. if you watch carefully during the final battle scene in the lord of the rings the return of the king, the group of men fighting switch from horseback to no horses to back on horses and then off them again.

  4. T2: When the light is on the opposite side of the camera, you can easily see the broken windshield; when the camera is looking down (into the DARKENED cockpit) there’s not enough light on the windshield to see the broken section.

    Besides, this is the result of post-production. They don’t film movies camera angle by camera angle, they film entire scenes from multiple cameras set on a number of different subjects. Then when the footage goes to post production, the post producers edit together the footage to create the movie.

    One BIG slip up this tard missed was in X-Men 2; before Nightcrawler teleports down to the chamber holding the children, there’s a camera shot of the children’s chamber, with Nightcrawler’s silhouette clearly outlined in the background against the far wall. Then when the film goes back to the camera upstairs of the X-Men looking down, Nightcrawler is still up there with them.

    ps: totally photoshopped, the shadows are all pixelated.

  5. during the “grease lightening” dance in grease there is a slip up as well- there is a guy in the background who knocks over the tire in front of him but when they switch angles the tire is magically back in place.

    i noticed it all on my own. i was so proud. 🙂

  6. On the back to the future pics, yes, the odometer readouts are different, but the insturment panel is the same. the reason the top needle looks angled at the base is because the light is coming from the left, causing the the base to be under a shadow, making it look angled

  7. Wow, i know this is a site by geeks and being technically correct is the best kind of correct. Fuck people, these are such small and insignificant mistakes, WHO GIVES A SHIT!!!!!! Why don’t you all stop wasting your time trying to find out if the split second shot of some dudes reflection in some other assholes glasses has on the same color shirt as the previous shot and GO FIND SOME CHICKS TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM. I guarantee you that once you loose your virginity, small dumb shit like everything on this page will not matter any more. SO GET LAID!!!!!

  8. Dude you are so right Klebb. So damn right.

    God man I just want to make out with you, I mean here you are telling it like it is and its just so poweful and primal and I’m all “fuck that guy arguing on the internet about how nerds on the internet are lame is totally not a nerd- you know?”

    I’m just so impressed with you taking time out of your busy sex-filled schedule to lay down the law, I am truly enlightened and humbled. As you commanded, sir, I’m going out to get some sex done RIGHT NOW.

  9. You’re wrong, Pippen was cutting his bonds on a weapon in the grass, it’s not too hard to imagine that he was able to quickly cut through a bit of medieval rope.

  10. People make mistakes when it comes to editing, also a lot of these may have been done on purpose for reasons like this, to see if people notice. To create in some ways, small inside jokes and things to laugh at.

  11. This is so sad. What is the point of sitting there for hours trying spot minor floors in editing? Movies are not real. Most producers,directors and editors are perfectionist but sometimes make minor mistakes. What is sad that you and others probably watch these movies trying to find mistakes instead of enjoying the movie for what it is. Get a life watch the movie and enjoy it. If you spot a mistake keep it to yourself! After all it not like Russel Crowe turned up in a DeLorean to Hogwarts gunning down Merry and Pippin in a Matrix style shoot out, is it?

  12. i noticed the LOTR one before, its definitly the way its been described, he has his hands bound, the horse rears, and his hands aren’t bound and then they’re bound again when he cuts them on an urukhai sword,

    it should be that his bonds were cut at a rest stop way back when a fight broke out and no one was watching him, but that scene wasn’t there, so, yeah

  13. for back to the future one, try drawing both the circles through trough the midpoints of each of the bars indicating the speed. This will give you a circle for both, not an oval on the one that is zoomed in, you f***ng retard

  14. @Alex

    Try reading the text and taking a closer look at the picture. The “bars indicating the speed,” as you put it, actually change. The base of the first bar is angled; the base of the second bar is flat.

    Next, in the first shot, the odometer reads 3306. Later, it reads 3299. It shouldn’t have gone down.

    What, you thought that the difference was that one odometer was a circle and one was an oval? If you had read the text, you’d know that that wasn’t the case. Instead, you took a quick glance at the pics and made a dumb assumption. Know what the hell you’re talking about before calling people retards.

  15. Oh wow, the same movie mistakes i’ve seen on 20 other websites via stumbleupon.

    Do you people see something you like, then just copy paste it on your sites?

  16. It’s so disappointing to me that you have the small thing about the broken window in T2 up there, but not the scene where the T1000 is in the helicopter with both hands on a gun, and a third hand coming out of nowhere to steer the helicopter. It’s hilarious.

  17. Geeze, people, the guy just put some pics of movie mistakes on the web. if u dont want to look at them, don’t, but quit bashing the guy for pointing some stuff out. unless you have nothing better to do.

  18. Ace Ventura has the best one I’ve ever found myself. I think it was the second on (in Africa) where he’s in a room and there is a shess board on the table. The pieces start in mid-game, then they are set to an unplayed game, and then they are gone.

    It’s been years since I last seen it, so I may have the orders wrong.

  19. Sometimes it really cant be helped by the editors…continuity errors are the job of the Script Supervisor to take note of while filming. It just ends up making the editor look bad in the end, although usually the editor didn’t have good footage to begin with.

  20. You missed the ultimate classic hickup – in 3 mens and a little baby theres that scene with the ghost, a boy in the window in the background that no one can seem to supply a reasonable explanation for.

  21. I happened to have Ocean’s 11 around and checked to see if the glass changed to a plate, but I have the widescreen version which cuts out what he is holding in the scene pictured. However it does appear from what comes up to his mouth that he is eating the same thing throughout.

  22. One movie that I thinks needs a mention is RoboCop. In the chase scene nr the beginning, the windscreen has been smashed. Less than a second later it appears mended, and then the next scene, it has been broken differently.

  23. I think that these are pretty funny, you don’t look at them to criticise, you look at them to laugh.
    And, let me guess, I’m going to have some faggot tell me to get a girlfriend or get laid?
    Hmm, well, I’m a female teenager, so you can shove that up your arses, if you were planning on it.

    Also, the Titanic one (Major Titanic fan, right here), it could’ve easily been because he was on a pole, and you just couldn’t see it.

    The rest were fairly amusing, I notice these things all the time in movies, and point them out to people, but they never care.

  24. In the note you made on T2, I’m not entirely sure, but off the top of my head, those are different helicopters as far as I can remember. At the Cyberdyne siege there, the T-1000 is using his motorcycle to scale the stairs, not in a helicopter. That helicopter is the one he steals AFTER the place goes boom and follows the Connors and Arnie.

  25. i remeber the porsche in commando, most blatent one iv seen recently was in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning” and that dude thats hanging from the hook, one minute its his left leg thats missing then the next time its his right leg….. makes you wonder how that could possibly happen surely they noticed when filming it and even if no else did surely the man whos leg it was would have realised it was the other leg the day before or whoever done the editing should have clocked it.. strange

    and Klebb, nothing shouts virgin more than your post, you should take your own advice fella

  26. When stuff happens on set and we have to just shoot it and keep going or we’ll lose the day, we just say, ‘if that’s all they notice, the movie’s in big trouble.’

  27. Zaerionon:

    If you’re going to be a stickler for grammar, at least get your grammar correct. The period and the comma go inside the quotes, not outside.

  28. Everyone keeps writing their own reply without reading all of the things others have said. There is much redundancy, especially where Lord of the Rings is concerned. Also, I fear for the reading comprehension skills of some of these folks.

    In any case, in Across the Universe during the ‘Come Together’ scene where the men are dancing with briefcases, a dancer in the far back right slips and almost falls down completely. I’m sure he was hoping nobody saw…but really it kind of ruins the continuity of the scene.

  29. @just sayin:

    Lol…Zaerion was correct to put the comma and period OUTSIDE the quotes. The ONLY time punctuation goes inside a set of quotes is when the sentence is written as dialogue. Otherwise, like in this case where he (she? whatever) was just separating certain words from the rest of the sentence, they go outside.

    Seriously people…know wtf you’re talking about before you bash someone else!

  30. the lord of the rings one is actually incorrect. Pippin while crawling actually cut the ropes that bound his hands in the first picture and when rolled over when his hands were free. but then again i only own the special extended versions of the film so the editors might have fixed it their second time around. so you could be correct if you’re talking about the original dvd release =/

  31. well we all looked at it so maybe we need to get jobs.. so somebody saw stuff then pointed it out doesn’t make him suck it kept me entertained for a bit

  32. The thing about the terminator having a 3rd hand in the helicopter is somethibg I’ve never noticed. But since he can turn into anyshape (knives, goo etc.) I don’t think a third hand is that note-worthy.

  33. NattyB – thanks! I always enjoyed finding continuity mistakes in movies and TV shows, and have spotted a few you mentioned here. My 9 year old daughter picked up on the Harry Potter switch! I told her those kind of things happen all the time–now she’s on the look out for them too!

    To the idiots on this blog who have to be negative (and my guess is this isn’t the first blog you’ve wasted people’s time with by posting such trash) get a life. First, everything photo related is NOT photoshopped. I get so sick of reading that on every photo site I go to. These mistakes DO happen in movies. Many of these I’ve picked up on myself!

    Secondly, pointing them out is a source of ENTERTAINMENT for those of us who enjoy it. We are not criticizing the directors, editors or continuity experts. It’s just FUN to point them out–kind of like when your English teacher in high school meant to type “as” and accidentally hit the “s” twice. See? Just fun! If it isn’t fun to you, stumble drunkenly off onto the next website without tormenting the rest of us with your idiotic rantings. Your opinion isn’t needed here.

  34. Yea, a car, right. I remember that. And the think with Gary Potter, I remember that too. What about Arnold Swartznegaer…. That was funny too, when he had an arm and then i was not there and then it was there again in that movie about witness protection. What was it caller?

  35. Hi,

    Concerning the first image, that is quite logical.
    If you think well, archeologists (sp?) didn’t find any copper wires when digging ancient roman ruins here in Portugal, more precisely in the Peninsula of Troia.
    So, what does one conclude from that ?
    That romans were already using Wi Fi 🙂

    Kind regards,


  36. Technically, if you’re watching Two Towers, Pippin is shown moving his wrists against a knife he finds laying on the ground. His ropes don’t magically untie themselves. Even Aragorn says later, “His bonds were cut.”

  37. my favorite movie mistake is in jurrasic park the t rex come over the wall next to the kids but when he turns around and knocks them over the wall its a hundred foot cliff!!!!!

  38. this guy has a point. i noticed a few things wrong in the harry potter movie when i first watched it and the ‘harry switching sides’ thing is right. and in the lord of the rings movie that did happen, if you don’t believe this then watch it for yourself.

  39. I liked the pics, nice.
    To the morons saying how bad it is to point out mistakes…it’s people having fun, he’s not saying the movies are bad. If it somehow offends you that people are amused by movie mistakes, don’t look at the pictures.

  40. Mistakes happen. Some of us enjoy looking for stuff like this. It’s called “attention to detail”

    Philosopher’s Stone vs Sorcerer’s Stone- depends which side of the pond you live on. In England the original (and current) title of the book and movie was Philosopher’s Stone. Here in the US, it was changed to Sorcerer’s Stone because us dumb Americans don’t know what a philosopher is.

    People who gripe that everything they see is photoshopped are the same people who ‘shop their own heads into photos and claim they are real. Guilty conscience syndrome.

    Finally… in the movie Chasing Amy there’s a scene where the 2 main chars. are arguing while walking down a store-lined street in the rain. You can CLEARLY see the ENTIRE camera crew several times in the storefront windows.

  41. um…first, everybody needs to RELAX!!! Punctuation arguments? Virginity issues? Like everything else, if you don’t like it, just move on. How sad to not have something better to do than jump in on a totally irrelevant (but fun) website to bash those who are just having a good time.

    Anyways, in Dawn of the Dead (the remake with Ving Rhames) near the end the main guy gets bit by a zombie and stays behind on the dock as the ship sails away. There’s a dramatic shot of him standing there, all sad, no pistol in hand. Then it cuts to the main lady looking sad. When it cuts back, he is in the exact same position, but now with a pistol in his hand, and he even looks at it, contemplating suicide. How they missed that one, I’ll never know.

  42. How about in Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, when the riders surround the group following the hobbits, as the prince (on the horse) says his last line or two to aragorn his sword comes sliding right out of his sheath at the bottom of the screen. you even see the actor look down at it as it falls, but he just finishes his lines and they all ride off.

    Guess swords are cheap in the mark.


    When Link goes with Stony to the kwikimart(?) They suck on the slurpee machine. Link’s shirt gets wet …..they walk out the door….link returns to say, “I’l be back” and miraculously his shirt is dry.

  44. I just looked at a few of these (the ones that I have) and they all appear to be photoshopped. I dont trust the website these came from at all.

    what made me finally check though was the oceans 11 one. I’m a big buff for those movies and I was like “No way, I would have noticed.” Sure enough I was right.

    But I have noticed a few real ones that I care to share. In the batman movie that just came out with heath ledger in it; when there is a party for harvey dent in the mansion and bruce is one the balcony he tips out his drink over the balcony edge. in the next scene when he turns around the drink is full again.

    also in the movie yes man with zoey deschenel (spelling?), they have a scene where they sneak into the hollywood poll. when she climbs up the fence you can catch jim carrey look up her skirt, and then grab her ass before the scene changes to them walking onstage.

  45. at the end of space balls deep, lex pulls out and cums all over princess layme’s face, then all of a sudden they cut back to him pounding away on her anally, and he pulls out and busts on her back. It’s like they honestly didn’t even try!!!

  46. Ive noticed something myself in When A Stranger Calls.

    When the main girl gos out to the guest house(or what ever it was), she locks it as she comes in, then when she is about to leave, she unlocks it. The phone rings, she answers it, then when she runs out she unlocks it again.

  47. LoL… nice posts everyone ^^

    in alladin (yes its a kids movie i know) there’s a part where aladin is standing on the balcony and the princesses tiger attacks him… right when the tager is attacking him, if you listen closely, you can hear someone whisper “take your pants off”


  48. just sayin to Zaerionon:

    If you’re going to be a stickler for grammar, at least get your grammar correct. The period and the comma go inside the quotes, not outside.

    Actually, placing periods and commas inside the quotes is a convention of American English, not all dialects of English. Furthermore, the rule would be one of punctuation, not grammar.

    I’m just sayin’

  49. The worst continuity mistake I have ever seen was in Step Up 2 (though you can hardly expect quality from that film can you). In the last scene with the dance competition, a jumper and a jacket are overlooked. In one shot, two of the boys are wearing a t-shirt and a vest, in the next they are wearing a jumper and a jacket over the top. This switches repeatedly and REALLY gets on my nerves. I can generally ignore continuity errors but, COME ON!

  50. Don’t know if this was mentioned yet, but in Terminator II, when Ah-nold fires his gatling gun out of the Cyberdyne building, the clip doesn’t move into the gun despite a while bunch of cop cars blowing up because of its “bullets”

  51. I fail to understand the point of all these blogs that just steal content from another site(even if it gives credit, you’re still just plastering it all over your own blog).

  52. Here’s a little known fact. The odometer is constantly changing while the car is moving. It’s only a difference of six miles for gods sake. And the delorean only had two gauge types, and the only difference is the top speed that was printed on them.

  53. hello!! wow so wat minor mistakes does it matter no! it doesnt lord of the rings and harry potter r my fav! and if u got a problme wit tht take it up wit percey jackson and all the acotrs and actress in those films they probably got up in 3:00 in the moring to shoot a scene or 2 so lay off thr baks!!!! GOD!!
    future actor

  54. If you want to see severe movie mistakes, watch Exit Wounds. There is too many mistakes to count, especially during the scene when they kidnap Steven Segal in the van. Also, what was with all the random explosions in that scene?

  55. @ Mark – there’s no ghost, and it’s not a mistake. It’s a cardboard standee of Ted Danson’s character. It’s been mentioned about a thousand times elsewhere.

    And these are all Shopped. I know that because Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t even exist. He’s just some pixels thrown together. And shadows.

  56. there’s two hidden mistakes that are noticable in Smokey and the Bandit. One is when he’s on the highway and he’s being chased by one cop car and the trucks tell him to get in the “rocking chair” and as he is speeding up, there is a white car that he passes, but after he passes it, he looks in his rear view mirror, the camera looks at him facing backwards and when the camera angle goes back to the front, he’s behind that white car even though he just passed it!

    The other is when the tow truck picks up the cop car out of the stream bandit drives through. Buford T. Justice parks near the tow truck with the door open. He walks over to the truck, and as he’s talking a car carrier truck is coming by in the same direction Justice came in. When the camera looks over at Justice’s car, his door is closed! Then when that carrier drives by the door gets knocked off still…….

    Actually, i found another one. T. Justice bonks into Sherif Branford on the bridge and the bonk causes T. Justice’s car’s hood to get damaged. But later in the film, his hood repairs itself!!!

    You should check it out yourself!

  57. In Skycaptain and the World of Tomorrow, at the very end of the film you can see the camera lens is off at first, and then it’s on when shes actually taking the picture.

  58. well i think everyones a little uptight…chillax dudes…anyway, in pirates of the carribbean if you look closely while jack is talking to the british guards on the ship there is a guy in the background with a cowboy hat on. and in gladiator in the beginning battle scene, while maximus is talking to his soldiers there are two guys in the background with blue jeans on. oh and that aladdin thing, F***ING HILARIOUS. (please excuse any misspelled words)

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