A Gallery of 15 Pokemon Brought to Life


I believe I’ve said this before on the site, but of all the video game worlds I wish were real, I have to say that Pokemon strikes me as my number one  universe I’d want to live in, given the option. You can say, “Oh, I’d want to kick alien ass in Halo or Gears of War, or grab alien ass in Mass Effect,” but both of those worlds come with significant risks of death.

Pokemon on the other hand is a largely danger free universe, where your superpowered pets take all the abuse for you. Got a dispute with your neighbor? Let your electric rat duke it out with your neighbors fire dog! Don’t want to go to college? Roam the earth collecting every animal on earth in little red balls.

This gallery aims to show what life could be like if Pokemon really did exist in the real world, and it’s taken a hell of a lot of awesome photoshop to paint that picture. Check out the gallery below:

I don’t know exactly where all of these came from but Worth1000 and SomethingAwful definitely had some good ones.





























  • Kamy


  • xXburekXx

    yes i have had the pokemon song stuck in my head all day

  • Cystemic

    that koffing is scary, better than any smoking ad ive ever seen anyway

  • Ray

    Koffing and Geodude are the only creepy ones. I wonder how messed up Muk and Gollem would look like.

  • The Caterpie and Ivysaur look cute!!

  • TheYips

    Great job on cubone! and vulpix and rapidash…

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  • braddahman03

    @ Emanuel…. That reminds me of a Kabuto…

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  • @ braddahman03, kabuto = http://goo.gl/hzRT

  • Matt


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    That Geodude is just creepy.Ugh.

  • Bynx

    Hate to nitpick, but the one that says “Rapidash” is more of a ponyta. Rapidash has a horn.

  • Meowth

    Need more Meowth! Also, Rapidash has a horn, as has been stated.

  • i always watch pokemon…and i always imagine what could happen in life if pokemon existed…also…nice photo’s by the way…but some are scary like ivysaur=)

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  • anon

    Why are you people saying things like “Good job”? This person didn’t make these…

    Good job plucking a few pictures from the net i guess?

  • karl

    there is no horn on rapidash

  • rio

    the caterpie one disgust me

  • Mjdishere

    Here’s a few I have done, tell me what you think

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  • Master of Time

    Lol. The Koffing is funny and scary 😀 Oh, And the Shaymin is ADORABLE (Same with Pikachu)

  • szabla

    get them all Ash

  • Christian Ortega

    Uhh Michael is it? i added you on facebook to see your creations

  • jessie fuller

    i luv shamin, cubone, and ratatata

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  • briana


  • creepy stuff!!

  • orly

    lol geodude. the sneasel looked notin like sneasel but the shaymin was sooooooooooo cute!

  • fang

    that koffing is scary


    the cubone looks the most realistic, but all of them are very cool

  • Omar

    That koffing looks like Annoying Orange 😀


  • they needed a snake that looks like dragonair

  • Jazhmyn

    Um…Cubone is supposed to be a lizard.

  • yeayea

    Most of these fail. I have lost all respect for the creator.

  • Lynn 23

    OMG I love Cubone and Rattata !!! 😀 They’re so cute !

  • Shroudoom

    Geodude = Kurt Russell

  • george

    The rapidash is missing its horn! other that that two thumbs up espesially on cubone and vulpix.

  • mega-rad

  • Deryck

    Geodude looks like Voldemort.

  • Nemesis Nexus

    That Shaymin looks like hedgehog mated with a chia pet XD I want the Volpix (where’s 9 Tails??) and Growlithe :3

  • Stephanie

    Vulpix is missing a tail. 😀 It’s supposed to have six.

  • pokemonfan

    these picks are not made by this person there from all over the internet

  • pokemonfan

    that Growlithe is adorable that houndoom looks awesome too

  • littlebox

    how to make dreams come trueeee

  • Fleacy

    Wow I never really liked Growlithe till now!

  • wheres the mexican walking fish for mudkip?

  • geodude is just weird looking

  • Joe

    Geodude is amazing

  • anonymous

    Lol I like the koffing…its the most disturbing

  • umm

    These are just some lame photoshopped images..

  • some guy

    honestly, these just look like REALLY bad photoshop jobs… a 10 year old could do better…

    • sshIyr

      No they can’t

  • KJ Herrera

    OMG, Geodude looks like Voldemort

  • For me geodude is dam creepy

  • Lai-Lai

    You can make any Eevee evolution (except Eevee [fox] & Flareon [German Spitz] & Espeon [cat]) by using a Jackrabbit as the base body. Well, Sylveon…kinda looks like a Deerling.

  • e.e

    anyone else notice that geodude seems to be voldemort?

  • wyll gonron

    okay, who the Dork that paint that hamster of yellow, tell me, so i cen yell on its brain

  • Delthenia

    Photo-shop, it’s a BAD drug……

    • sshIyr

      No it isnt

  • Marno

    The only one I can say I liked alot is the Ratata. Real good. =)

  • Erin

    I love the ivsaur

    • sshIyr


  • Wade Wilson

    Pikachu was actually created based on the pika.

  • Dee

    Geodude looks like Geoderp awww

    • Thomas Stockley

      Looks like Belial from Basket Case, hahahaha.

  • Dylan Cook

    Geodude looks like Voldemort…

  • BL(Æ)

    Oh god, that Koffing. That’s fine, though, I wasn’t planning on sleeping ever again anyway.

  • Sencilia

    That’s Ponyta, not Rapidash

  • Josh

    its funny because they all would look like that

  • ash

    Worst photo shop …ever.

  • peyton

    Growlithe is so cute fangirl squee! SQUEEE!!!!

  • Dillon Phillips

    That Cubone… looks so authentic… Amazing PS work. Same for the Growlithe and Rapidash! Pikachu looks so cute :3 Unfortunately, most of the others looks completely unrealistic, but thanks for the up’s everyone 🙂 Made my day.

  • Dilip

    If Pokemon looked like these imma puke every minute O_O !

  • Susan

    What’s this? Voldemort is evolving! Voldemort evolved into Geodude.

  • Jonn Hamsamich

    More like 15 bad movie villain and chia pet Photoshops.

  • KpopGamingStudios

    It has no horn, it’s not a unicorn, it’s a Ponyta. Also fawns are baby deer, not baby horses.

  • KpopGamingStudios

    It’s not a Rapidash, it’s a Pontya. Rapidash has a horn on its head that makes it look like a unicorn, but the flaming horse doesn’t have one. It’s a Ponyta,

  • Buzz

    That Geodude … I think I’ve seen him somewhere