A Collection of Masked Movie Posters

Sometimes all you need to sum up an entire film is a mere prop, and in this case it’s only one type we’re looking for: the mask.

There have been iconic masks and helmets all throughout movie history, and artist Alejandro de Antonio Fernandez decided to use them as inspiration for his new series of prints which you can check out in this gallery.

If you can think of an iconic mask, chances are it’s featured here. A few superheroes, a couple killers and some in between, check out the full gallery below:

A few wicked killers on the next page.

  • Morono

    this is awesome

  • Iain

    I love these, with one exception: that’s not the mask from Saw, that’s the face of the puppet. The mask Jigsaw (and his various assistants) used was a pig.

    Props to the artist though, I’d still buy one (probably the Saw one actually) if I had the means and the money.

  • Steve

    V for Vendetta and Spider-Man.

  • ikilledacat

    very cool. altho the original Predator is far more iconic than Predators, so they should’ve referenced that one.

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  • Anthony R.

    Whoa…no Michael Myers/Halloween, this is a travesty!