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Dec 17 2014

12 Types of People You Find at a Urinal (Comic)

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We just haven’t been dabbling in comics enough lately.  Fear not people.  Today we are righting that ship.  And what better a way to start our voyage back into the comic world than this choice graphic on the types of people you will find in a urinal?  Yup, we’re never too old for potty humor.  Enjoy the comic after the jump….

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Dec 15 2014

Regret Nothing: Seconds is a Worthy Successor to Scott Pilgrim

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I could cry for the time I’ve wasted
But that’s a waste of time and tears.
And I know just what I’d change if went back in time somehow
But there’s nothing I can do about it now.”

-Willie Nelson

But what if there was, Willie? It’s been four long years without anything new to read from Bryan Lee O’Malley. This absence has been conspicuous because in that time, the film adaptation of his instant classic Scott Pilgrim series has become the epitome of the kind of awesome cult flick that geeks can still call their own. The dreaded mainstream has taken Marvel and DC’s heroes out of nerdville and made them into pop culture prom kings and queens, but we’ll always have Scott. Some things just weren’t meant for the mainstream.

Nonetheless, Scott Pilgrim was that rare work of art that perfectly melds self-aware pop counterculture sensibilities with deeper themes and metaphors that are somehow both extremely relatable and ingenious on a level that too few works are even willing to strive for these days. I’m still kicking myself for being stupid enough to put off reading it for as long as I did just because the drawings were cartoony (it took the film to convince me). Bryan Lee O’Malley is one of a kind and it’s about freakin’ time he gave us another helping. Seconds, if you will.

Seconds is that follow up four years in the making. No pressure, though. It’s only got to blow my mind, make me laugh, get me thinking deep philosophical thoughts about the nature of life, and make me feel deep human emotions from looking at little chibi people the way the once in a lifetime epic that preceded it did. Easy peasy. How do you follow up Scott Pilgrim? You give the reader something they would never have expected. Again. Continue Reading »

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Dec 11 2014

Blair Underwood Set To Join Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D

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Blair Underwood is making the television rounds in the last few years isn’t he?  Most recently it’s been confirmed that he will be playing Dr. Andrew Garner, in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., according to The Hollywood Reporter.  The role will begin filming this week and Underwood’s series debut will be in March.

Mr. Underwood is a two-time Golden Globe nominee.  He’s best known for playing Jonathan Rollins on L.A. Law and that sexy neighbor guy in the lady series Sex and the City.  He has also starred in shows such as Dirty Sexy Money, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and In Treatment.  Movie wise you might remember him from movies including Gattaca and Deep Impact, and more recently appeared in the Lifetime movie A Trip to Bountiful.

Underwood isn’t the first big star to appear in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s second season.  Underwood is following  the footsteps of Lucy Lawless and Adrianne Palicki. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. just entered its winter break, but will return to ABC in March.

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Nov 28 2014

Great Moments in Comic History: Deadpool Saves the World (Sort Of)

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Although comic series last for decades and often span hundreds of issues and dozens of stories over the years, there are some arcs that stand out from the crowd and remain especially significant among fans of sequential art narratives. It could be a story that changes everything in its own universe, a tale of such quality that everything before and after seems to pale in comparison, or just a defining moment for a beloved character. Over the next couple months, I’m going to be breaking some of these down for you.

This week, I’m going with that last one and exploring the ultimate motivations of one of Marvel’s up-and-coming superstars, the one and only Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool. As I’ve written before, I’m not super pleased with what Marvel has done with Wade Wilson ever since he broke out as a mainstream favorite after his loathsome big screen debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, major roles in video games like Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and an obnoxious number of appearances across the entire comic universe. Wade has long been Marvel’s funniest character, but only in recent years has he become an actual joke.

So right now, I’m taking us back to the late 90’s to revisit Deadpool’s classic heyday and Joe Kelly’s Dead Reckoning storyline that served as a culmination of Wade’s attempt to put his ways of greed and murder behind him and become a true hero. It’s an arc that had a long buildup, a huge payoff, and in so many ways defines Deadpool not just as a zany comic relief character, but as a twisted but well-meaning antihero who uses humor as a defense mechanism to salve the wound of his own hopelessness. There will be spoilers.

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Nov 20 2014

Is Constantine the Best Comic Show on Television?

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Comic book culture is on a major roll these days with an almost constant stream of films and television series making household names out of their characters. But let’s forget about movies and just look at TV. We’ve got The Flash, Arrow, The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD, Gotham, and no less than five new Marvel shows upcoming as Netflix originals. And that’s just live action series.

All of the shows I mentioned get discussed in an almost water cooler fashion amongst both nerds and mainstream viewers, but you know what? I’d take Constantine over all of them. It’s got the mythos, it’s got the source material, it’s got the perfect lead, it’s got a great mix of humor and grittiness, and it’s arguably got more potential at this point than every other comic-based show on the air. It was put together by David Goyer, the co-architect of the Dark Knight and Blade trilogies. That’s got to count for something (or at least 2/3 of something). Plus Neil Marshall directed the pilot. The talent is there. Continue Reading »

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Nov 19 2014

James Cameron’s ‘The Potential Spider-Man’: What Almost Was

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In June of 2002 I had my first real Spider-Man experience. Seeing Raimi’s web slinger swinging through New York City was a spectacle that really struck a chord with me. And it obviously stuck, because Spidey has been a subject of a number of my articles on Unreality. And today I want to talk about the Spider-Man that nearly was.

Jump back another 10 years to 1992, where the world is still basking in the metallic glow of Terminator 2 (I was three at the time, so I’m taking some atmospheric liberties here). James Cameron had stoked a fire under the simmering blockbuster wok, and now had his pick of recipes. Would he stick to the sci-fi world where he’d found comfort with his aliens and robots? Or was it time to scale new territory?

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Nov 19 2014

What’s Wrong With All The Spider-Man Games Out There?

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Spiderman Games

How many Spider-Man games must we go through before a game developer out there *cough ROCKSTEADY cough* will do the web crawler some much needed justice!? I’ve only played a handful of the web slinger’s escapades and I can tell you that I’ve played enough to know that I don’t need to partake in the rest of them. I thought we could take a moment and go through some of the reasons why these games never seem to capture the gaming frenzy as others like Batman or The Last of Us do.

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Nov 18 2014

Casting Choices for Captain Marvel Other Than Katee Sackhoff

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Captain Marvel

For the record, there were/are a lot of versions of Captain Marvel. I’m personally glad that Marvel (the comic peeps) decided to run with the Carol Danvers version for the upcoming film. She is by and large more interesting and relatable than say the Kree who started it all, Captain Mar-Vell. (Kree is an alien race – see Guardians of the Galaxy – Ronan the Accuser or Korath the Pursuer) I seem to have one qualm with the announcement of this film, it’s coming out in July of 2018, well after Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and the Avengers Infinity War 1. If anything I would have switched Dr. Strange and Captain Marvel around so that she could make cameo appearances within the upcoming films and really bring everything together in one cohesive mashup! Sorry, did I lose you? Ok, let me back track a bit and explain a few things before we proceed with the casting.

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Nov 14 2014

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Posters That Own

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Iron Man Lego Poster

As a child, who didn’t play with LEGO’s at one point or another? Better yet, who doesn’t still enjoy playing with LEGO’s? My son, who is around 2 and a half years old, loves to use his DUPLO’s and who can argue with him, they’re awesome! I think that every day for the past month, when I come home from work we build a “house” as he would call it and then he proceeds to destroy it with a train or truck. Endless fun had by all. Now I’ll consider myself to be in the dark on this, but I had no idea that there were Marvel Super Hero sets of LEGO’s?! I knew that the video game was out there and even a movie or two but I had no idea that people still had the same love for LEGO as much as I did. (when I say people I’m referring to people over the age of 20) What’s better is that while I was looking for some gifts for myself, er I mean my son for Christmas, I happened upon these posters! People’s creativity and sense of fun will never cease to amaze me.

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Nov 10 2014

Which Heroes Will Die In The Marvel Civil War?

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The Marvel Civil War is probably one of my least favorite comic arcs that Marvel has ever produced. I just want to make sure that everyone is clear on where I stand with this. While the idea of tackling relevant modern day issues was provocative, I was never able to really buy into all of my favorite heroes battling one another. I trudged through the pages of the limited series and felt that for all the turmoil and destruction that was caused it all seemed a bit silly. It was as if the heroes themselves were completely unaware of what the ultimate price the war would cost them in the end.

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Nov 10 2014

10 Characters We Want To See In X-Men Apocalypse

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X-Men Days of Future Past definitely played their cards right by “re-setting” what happened in a few of the other movies that came before it. Now Bryan and company are able to pick up where they’ve left off and continue on with the popular Marvel franchise. Unless you live under an internet rock then I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the next installment is going to be called X-Men: Age of Apocalypse. If you want to get a sneak peak of what’s to come watch DOFP till the end of the credits and you’ll see some guy in a robe building the pyramids and a bunch of slaves worshipping him. Boom – Apocalypse has been revealed. (here’s hoping he’s all grow’d up by the time the movie comes out though) Oh and his henchmen, the 4 horsemen, happen to be in the background all blurred out. Should I have said spoiler alert? Nah, you already know all this!

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Nov 06 2014

Five Deadpool Cosplay Masks We Wish We Had

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It seems that Deadpool is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite comic book character. Clear evidence of this is the overwhelming amount of fans dressing up as the Merc with a Mouth at the comic conventions. I would care to guess that the popularity of the cosplayers portraying Wade can also be attributed to the fun Deadpool clips you can find on YouTube. These cosplayers run around performing silly antics among other patrons at the conventions and everyone seems to get a good laugh from it. Rummaging through the pictures of said costumed fans on Flickr, I started to notice that some people really have a knack for coming up with great alterations of Deadpool’s classic look. Hell, I almost made this a post on the most outlandish Deadpool Cosplay Masks because I found quite the interesting collection. You can find anything from IronMan/Deadpool to Batman/Deadpool to DeadMau5/Deadpool, it’s a never ending list. There were so many that let’s just say my finger was worn out from the continuous scrolling.

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Nov 05 2014

A Themed Pizza and Other Crazy Green Lantern Stuff We Must Own

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5 Green Lantern Items I Would Own

For those that know me, you know that I side more with the Marvel world than I do with DC. Yet, that doesn’t mean I can’t partake in the bounty from both comic book camps. I own a variety of comic trinkets such as a Flash t-shirt, a Batman mask and utility belt, Spider-Man webbing, Deadpool bobble-head, action figures from each respective powerhouse and plenty of other miscellaneous goodies. Looking through my small yet adequate collection I realized what I don’t have is anything from the Green Lantern Corps.

I must fix this!

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Oct 27 2014

Robbie Rodriguez Inspired Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman Fan Art

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There might be those of you who look at this post and wonder – WTF? I don’t blame you. Comics in general are hard to keep up with and I for one have to remind myself that’s what the internet is for. Yet, for the most part, if it’s Spider-Man related, I typically try and stay on the up and up.

I first found out about the Spider-Verse back in March and still didn’t really grasp what it was going to be. I finally got my hands on the first issue not too long ago and I’ll admit that I was a little less enthusiastic. It’s a fun idea but I’m glad that it was a short lived series. However, there was one great thing that came out of it…Gwen Stacy.

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Oct 22 2014

Great Power, Maybe…But Who’s Responsible?

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I’m fairly new to comic books. I started reading because I’ve always wanted to write my own, and I’m a big fan of passing procrastination off as study. I’m also now within walking distance of new editions for the first time. But I’m no authority on the subject, and I look forward to comments filling any gaps I may leave. Despite my freshness to the medium, I’ve been left slighted by my mates at Marvel this week.

I understand there’s a whole lot of artists – pencillers, inkers, colourists, all that – in the industry. As Marvel’s characters criss-cross their way through the universe, it makes sense that artists will need to share timelines to an extent. And given that there’s a whole multiplex of Spider-Men (whom I’m only loosely familiar with), there’s need of an army of superhero sketchers to pull all the strings of that particular web into place.

This is fine, as long as there’s a logic to the madness. Continue Reading »

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