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Sep 15 2014

Defending the Rotten: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Did you know that the Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the only recent Spider-Man film that was deemed rotten from!? I’m sorry, but did everyone somehow miss Spider-Man 3 from Sam Raimi? This injustice has sparked a new idea for a continuing post that I’d like to start – Defending the Rotten. I started looking for other filmson RT that may have missed the “certified fresh” ranking and found that there are plenty that didn’t make the cut. The most recent Spider-Man outing is definitely one that is due for some justification.

If you haven’t gathered by now, I tend to defend the films and television shows that I favor. (as we all do in one way or another) I never ask for anyone to buy into my BS nor do I expect you to, but maybe, just maybe, you’ll read these posts and look at the films a little differently. Again, I can’t fathom how this film was ranked lower than Goth Spider-Man and now I’m about to tell you why.

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Sep 11 2014

Badass Superhero Themed Beers

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What’s better than drinking? Drinking with your favorite superheroes, of course. While you can’t actually do that, you can pretend to with these superhero themed beer bottles from artist Butcher Billy. Here’s what he has to say about crafting this collection:

“This collection of design concepts gather a distinctive line of heroes, antiheroes – or not heroes at all – that have in common a certain way of not being exactly the role model for your kids. Yet they’re in the pages of comics in your local book shop. These characters are the ones that enjoy a pint or two at the local pub before saving the world or – very often – making an even bigger mess. Like it or not, they are the interesting ones, not to mention the most fun. Because no one ever made superfriends by drinking milk.”

It is indeed the type of characters that would probably throw back two or three or twenty of these, and you can check out close-ups of them all below: Continue Reading »

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Sep 05 2014

Marvel’s Anti-Bullying Covers

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Marvel has a new anti-bullying campaign going on right now, which is taking the form of alternate cover variants across a few of its series.

Above and below we have Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk all taking on bullying in some form or another. Mostly by talking to the bullied kids, rather than beating the crap out of their bullies. Though Cap seems like he’s about to.

It’s a rather touching series (my favorite is above) and you should check out the others; Continue Reading »

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Sep 03 2014

Cosplay of the Day: The Littlest Nightcrawler

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I think it’s safe to say that cute kids can dress up as literally almost any character these days, and it’s still going to be cute. This used to just be “Halloween,” but now with the advent of cosplay, the costumes get more elaborate and less generic, firmly fixed in established pop culture franchise. Cosplaying parents want their kids to be the talk of the convention, so this is how we get blue children like the one above.

This took place at DragonCon, and though I don’t know the name of the kid or the photographer, I think it’s safe to say he stole the show. I imagine his little teleport explosions are very small.

Photo credit – Amy Radcliffe

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Sep 03 2014

It’ll Never Be a Movie: The Superior Spider-Man

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Image 1

by Jake Thompson

I should start off with a spoiler warning here. Though if you’re somewhat into the Marvel universe, you probably already know a bit about the strange twist of The Superior Spider-Man comic book series. However, if you’d rather your Spider-Man remain ‘Amazing’, you may want to think carefully before reading on.

Okay, so….

Peter Parker is dead. Sort of. Old, frail, but still brilliant Otto Octavius devised a clever scheme to save his own skin – by switching his and Parker’s brains. This resulted in poor little Peter’s demise, and Otto becoming Spider-Man. It all sounded like a bit of a stretch, even for Marvel. But The Superior Spider-Man is pulled off exceptionally well. This whole new side of ‘Peter Parker’makes things very interesting, and pretty dark at the same time. But as cool a story as it is, there are some aspects that are sure to stand in the way of any attempt to translate into live action. And hey, maybe that was the point.

Firstly, ghost Peter! I admit I’m glad Parker’s still around in some form, because it didn’t take long to miss his sense of humour. He’s represented as a ghost no one can see or hear, not even Otto. Though he does act as his silent conscience in a desperate attempt to maintain Peter Parker’s image (and relationships). If this were done in the world of Sam Raimi, or even the quirkier new vision of Marc Webb, it would just come off as laughable. It would be like that time Edward’s ‘ghost’came to warn Bella not to ride motorbikes. And see, already we have Twilight comparisons. So no good live action potential here. Continue Reading »

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Sep 02 2014

Leonardo Da Vinci Designs Irons Man’s Armor

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Da Vinci was ahead of his time when it came to many, many of his inventions, so I suppose it stands to reason that he could have in fact invented Iron  Man armor a few centuries before Tony Stark.

The idea comes from artist Axel Medellin, who whipped up a handful of sketches that show what Da Vinci’s Iron Man armor might have looked like in the conceptual phases. It’s not all THAT much different than one of the hundred-odd suits Tony Stark built for himself, but it’s a cool idea all the same.

Check out two more pages below: Continue Reading »

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Aug 28 2014

Cosplay of the Day: The Amazing Miles Morales

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For those of you not following the comic book Spider-Man universe these days, Peter Parker has been subbed out and Miles Morales has tagged in as Spider-Man. The black-hispanic teen is part of Marvel’s ongoing effort to ensure their entire line-up of superheroes doesn’t remain an endless string of white guys. The character was supposed to be inspired by a hybrid of Barack Obama and Donald Glover, hence why everyone’s always begging Glover to get the role in a Marvel movie that doesn’t exist yet.

Anyway, Morales will likely make it to the big screen someday, but before he does, that’s why we have cosplay. Another young man was constantly told he looked like Morales, and so Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey decided that he should probably get a costume to match. Once he’s donned it, the effect is uncanny (errr, that’s X-Men), and you can see more evidence of that in the gallery below: Continue Reading »

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Aug 28 2014

Frank Miller: The Man, the Myth, the Maniac

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They finally went and did it. After almost ten years of waiting, they’ve followed up on the best pure comic adaptation of all time and released a sequel to Sin City. Naturally, this has put me in a Frank Miller kind of mood, so this week I’m going to discuss one of the most polarizing figures in the comic book industry; a true legend who at some point completely lost their shit and became almost universally reviled. But did he get it together enough to bring his comic world to life again as convincingly as he did before? Behold the rise and precipitous fall of a true legend first and then we’ll revisit that question.

I don’t think any single figure is as responsible for my return to comics as an adult than Miller is. I bought The Dark Knight Returns as an exploratory purchase a decade or so ago and that was it. I needed more Batman, I needed more comics, and I needed more Miller. He was just one of the most engaging writer/artists of any medium I’d ever come across, but at some point he just became terrible. So what the hell happened to cause this descent into cartoonish madness?

Since most of his works have been discussed to death, I’ll make his rundown of comic credentials quick. He’s responsible for the Dark Knight’s most iconic origin story in Batman: Year One as well as his legendary comeback in The Dark Knight Returns, his run on Daredevil put the character on the map, his was the art that launched Wolverine as a solo act in the 80’s, and he created 300 and Sin City in the 90’s. This who’s who highlight reel of classic comics represents around twenty years of sustained win. Continue Reading »

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Aug 28 2014

What a Nonsensical Daredevil Poster

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I mean, what does a random collection of dots have to do with the superhero? Is this some kind of abstract art from Doaly? I don’t understand. How weird.

Just kidding, I know what a colorblind test looks like, because I am super colorblind. I discovered as much while doing  a fourth grade science fair project…on colorblindness.

That said, even though I can’t see these things 90% of the time, I can see the double Ds in this one, as grey and red aren’t really bad opposing colors for me. Or most people.

There’s one more eye-chart related Daredevil poster from Doaly below, in a more traditional format. Check it out: Continue Reading »

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Aug 19 2014

DC Characters Turned Pokemon Trainers

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Superheroes plus Pokemon? I’m all over it.

In this series of illustrations from Creees Lee, he imagined which Pokemon would pair well with which famed DC superhero (or occasionally, villain). Obviously Batman would be surrounding by a flock of annoying Zubats, but what about Shazam, Flash, Aquaman and Catwoman?

You’ll have to check out the others below to see, if you haven’t guessed them already. Continue Reading »

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Aug 18 2014

It Should Be A Movie By Now: Deadpool

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I feel that Deadpool is a staple of the Unreality world. There have been plenty of contributors who have had a few tales to tell about the Merc With A Mouth – Paul, Nick, and Remy to name a few. Figured it was high time that I add to that pool of people and rant about the fact that we still don’t have a Deadpool movie!?

A little background on this subject pertaining to yours truly…Wade Wilson did not start off as my go to favorite comic book character. As a kid I can remember being totally obsessed with the X-Men and Spiderman. I probably knew enough about the X-Men to rival a lot of the comic book nerds twice my age. The day that all changed was when my parents dropped me off at the local comic book store and I was trying to haggle a price with the old man behind the counter for one of my comics and I noticed in the case a comic with a guy that looked like Spiderman but more BA. Clearly I asked to see the comic … never before as a kid had I witnessed a comic book character with that type of personality or one that broke the 4th wall. Spiderman had a wit and great sarcasm about him, but nothing that touched what I was to soon learn about Mr. Wilson.

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