A Gallery of Simply Incredible Superhero Noir Posters


This has to be my favorite superhero-related series of artwork this year, and that’s saying something considering how often we go to the comic book well around here.  This is a poster series from artist Marko Manev who has created a simply exquisite collection of supehero noir art.

Good noir is more than just black and white. There’s simplicity, structure and a sense of weight to these that is just stunning. If you think that Thor up there is badass, just wait until you see the rest of them below:

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  • Azenomei

    im gonna play Limbo again.

  • Bert

    These are lovely, though I have to chuckle at the redundancy of a film noir poster for Batman.

  • Thoreau

    I don’t know that I’d call those “noir,” exactly. “Superheroes in Limbo” would be a much more truthful name.
    Decent idea, and the resulting posters are indeed stunning.
    But… I’d prefer to see an artist spending his time on original ideas of his own, not mashing up other people’s works. After all, if we are going to constantly harp on Hollywood for returning again and again to reboots and remakes and sequels, rather than developing original properties, don’t we have to demand the same thing of all artists?
    I understand that these types of mash-ups are a good way for an artist to get noticed, the same way a musician might put up a cover song on YouTube in order to draw viewers in. Yet I still stand by my point that, if we demand originality of one group, we must demand it of all groups. Besides, isn’t it better to fail at your own thing than ride someone else’s coattails?

  • MegaSolipsist

    Dr Manhatten has to be my favourite out of these.