This is Why Childhood Chores Are Like RPG Requests (Comic)


It’s been approximately 21 years since I had to do any kind of chore for my parents.   And 21 years ago it was mowing the lawn.  However, I’ll never forget when I began doing chores, how awful I thought they were.  Sure there was an allowance at the end of the rainbow but it was still pretty annoying.  Then again, I cannot wait for my two boys to be old enough where I can boss them around and make them clean stuff, organize stuff, and keep the house going the way it should without me having to do it.

That said, when you’re a kid there are lots of things that doing chores can remind you of.  Later in life you’ll realize that chores are very very similar to RPG requests.  How so you might ask?  We came across a comic that perfectly explains it.

Thanks to Julia Lepetit for this excellent comic:


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