He Was in That? William H. Macy in The Last Dragon

Folks, I think you’re gonna love this new segment we’ve got running on this website.  It’s going to take a close look at some movies that you won’t believe some actors were actually in.   Whether it’s a he or she, it’s simply hilarious to reminisce about an actor playing a role that’s completely ludicrous compared to what they’re doing now.

I’ll do my best to find clips of their appearances but it’s damned near impossible.  And sometimes screenshots are just as hard.  Today we’re gonna start with William H. Macy.  Just the other day I was watching The Last Dragon and I did about eight double takes when I noticed William H. Macy was in this film.

Sure enough I followed up on IMDB to find out he played a guy named J.J.  His credit in the film was W.H. Macy.   Pretty awesome if you ask me.  I think his character was some kind of bad guy who got about 2 minutes of screen time, if that.  Funny how these guys start off.

Even funnier that Macy began in 1978 doing mostly television.

Macy’s spot after the jump


Go to minute 3.  That jacket is absolutely tremendous.  I can’t believe how many lines he has!


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