Crappy Must See Movie of the Week: Zapped

OK I’m gonna go on complete memory here.   For those of you young people out there Zapped is about as classic a cheesy 80s movie as that can possibly go.   Scott Baio plays some geeky dork science loser in high school and has some wacko experiment that goes wrong.   What does it do?

Well of course it gives him powers to be able to move stuff.   More importantly it enables him to make girls clothes pop off at any moment.   Even better?  His best buddy is of course the same guy that played Eddie (Willie Aames) on Charles in Charge.  And who else but one of the hottest 80s girls ever, Heather Thomas plays the sexy chick in the movie.

It’s about as dumb and awesome a movie that you could hope for.  It’s certainly worth the hour and a half of your time.  If anything for the nudity and what 80s movies used to be.   I so miss that Era.

Enjoy the trailer

This might be the best trailer of all time.

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  1. I love this movie. It’s so bad. The faces Scott Baio makes when using his power is awesome. But the fridge full of pot in the high school is classic. This is one of those movies that I will watch whenever it’s on

  2. This film literally changed my life, I LOVE IT and still watch it to this day. Barney (Baio) really does use his new found powers for complete and utter high school evil. I think he indulges in everything a teenage boy would actually do without that preachy “with great power comes great responsibility” nonsense. They really don’t make them like this anymore.

  3. Willie Aames’ character in Charles in Charge was actually “Buddy”, not “Eddie”. It was short for “Buddence” apparently.

    Just sayin.

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