“That Guy” Actor of the Week: Zach Grenier


As I was watching Fight Club for the 600th time the other day I realized that the dude that plays Ed Norton’s boss needed a spot on this website.  After all he’s on television shows all the time not to mention plenty of movie appearances.

I personally liked him in Tommy Boy and Working Girl.   His name?  Zach Grenier.  If any of you are reading this saying to yourselves “I know his name” then I’m 100% sure you are lying.   With over 74 movie and TV credits to his name, Grenier should be the posterboy for the “That Guy” genre.

Grenier is very good when it comes to playing therapist/analyst/evaluator type roles.  He has this calming voice and look of the “everyday employee” doesn’t he?  In any event, I just want to pay my respects to a guy I see nearly every day on television but whose name I never knew.

A clip of sir Grenier after the jump

Here’s the classic self inflicted fight scene.  Grenier doesn’t say much here but I still like him.


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