Write for Unreality Contest Update

Since many of you keep asking me when this contest ends and how long you have to get your pieces written for consideration, the answer is 5PM EST WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 21ST. The reason being is I have a million other things to prep before I take my leave, and I want to have this done a bit ahead of time as I have to edit and format all the winning pieces.

We’ve received MANY great entries so far, but it’s still an open field and if you apply before the deadline, you have as good a chance as any of getting published. And keep in mind we might be looking for more regular contributions in the future…

Not to go all affirmative action here, but ladies, feel free to try your luck writing something up if you’re  fan. I know our audience is 90% male, but it might be nice to have a female perspective on pop culture for a change. You won’t get special consideration when applying, but if your stuff is good enough, you can win like anyone else, so definitely give it a shot!

And to recap: Stick with Unreality content meaning TV, movies, video games or comics. Make it over 800 words and under 2000. Once again, the new deadline is dinner time Wednesday.

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