Why Unreality Doesn’t Cover Music: My Top 10 Most Played Songs in iTunes

4. The Bridge of Khazad Dun (The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack)


I only recently downloaded this after hearing it again in the Man of Steel trailer, but it’s been rocking up my Most Played list due to the fact that I play it during Diablo magic-finding runs to make the game sound more epic.

3. Icaraus – Michael McCann (Deus Ex: Human Revolution Soundtrack)


Another great workout song, and another game where the entire soundtrack is dynamite. It has a Blade Runner-ish feel, and motivates me to work out as much as a man with bionic limbs could.

2. To Build a Home – The Cinematic Orchestra (Step Up: Revolution Soundtrack)


Yes, I recently watched Step Up: Revolution, and of all the dancy songs in that movie, this was the one that stayed with me long after I walked out of the theater. There’s something intangibly addictive about it I can’t explain.

1. The Sun’s Gone Dim and the Sky’s Turned Black  – Johan Johannsson (Battle: Los Angeles Trailer)


This was my “book writing movitation” song that I first heard when it was in the excellent trailer for the not-excellent Battle: Los Angeles. It’s the perfect track for a movie about the apocalypse and aliens, and whenever I crafted an imaginary movie trailer for The Last Exodus in my head, this was the song that was playing over the visuals. Even just listening to it helped inspire me to keep writing.

Here it is in the Battle: LA trailer:


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  1. The Deus Ex soundtrack is amazing. Really sets the tone. I’ve been playing that on my ipod for quite some time. It’s really good for a nice bike ride. Not too overbearing.

  2. Yeah, music — unlike other forms of media — tends to be a highly immersive and much more personal experience, as well. This tends to make reviews fall into specific categories — (a) technically accomplished, (b) where it rest comparatively on this band/performer’s history, and (c) where it rests comparatively to other artist releases that year.

    Consequently, one man’s Nickelback is another man’s Styx.

    While I’ve dabbled quite a bit in reviewing CDs over on Amazon, I’m usually upfront that what draws me to a particular ‘sound’ is the vocal styling. I could care less about longevity or creative imprint of a performer, as I’ve several CDs in my collection from folks who’ve only released a single album.

  3. Hell yeah Childish Gambino, I have been a fan since Derrick Comedy.

    Also if you like Lana del Rey, you should check out Blonde Redhead (I recommend Elephant Woman, also seen on the credits scene in Hard Candy) and Angus and Julia Jones (recommendation: I am not yours)

  4. Very interesting picks. I recall you expressing love for Nickelback in the past, which is almost always a sign that Musically Oblivious 8th Grader is in the house, but you pulled out some interesting stuff. Your trend towards film and video game soundtracks betrays both a preference for those forms of media and a willingness to go outside the mainstream in your listening preferences. Good stuff.

  5. Good choice not to write about music. My taste in music has declined since I’ve been married. She dominates the ipod. Discovering new music died after I graduated college…..

  6. Honestly, I wouldn’t call that list terrible in the least. I’d maybe go with nerdy/indie or indie/nerd but not embarassing. You should have your friends list their last 10 tracks anc see how much Katy Perry and Lady Gaga comes up.

    Besides, most soundtracks, whether gaming, movie, film, whatever, are still much better than a majority of the pop BS being shoveled out now anyways.

  7. If you made this list to demonstrate that your taste in music sucks, you have failed miserably. Excellent list, though I can agree that most of the time I have no interest in reading other people’s opinion on music, just link me a song and I’ll decide for myself.

    I was actually kind of surprised you didn’t have gangam style on the list though based on how many parodies you post of it though.

  8. I clicked on this ready to laugh at your silly tastes to find that 3 of these 10 are on my frequent playlist. I never saw Step Up 3, but by god I love ‘To Build a Home’.

  9. Love the Drive Song, I had forgotten about it. Might have to be my first song when I get my new 2013 Mustang GT in a few weeks.

    The only complaint about the movie is that the Mustang is only in the movie for a whole 5 minutes.

  10. You don’t have “bad” taste in music, in the popular sense (although, admittedly, I would say you had bad taste, personally). Music reviews you do need some taste for what you’re listening to, but more than that, you need an understanding of music, what goes into it, and what makes it up. I play guitar and alto sax, so I know a little, but not nearly enough to review things. Howeve,r attempting to branch myself out musically has led me to find some of my favorite albums ever, such as “Rain Dogs” from Tom Waits (so fucking good), or OK Computer from Radiohead (I don’t even like this band all that much, and this album has played so much that the CD skips in my car), or even 36 Chambers from WuTang Clan (very dark, but incredible). All this, might I add, from a metal head/prog rocker. Not my usual cup of tea up there.

  11. Wow, I really liked most of the selections (didn’t really get into the Nero song). I was surprised at how many didn’t…

    Seems like you’d also like Mogwai, sigar ros, and explosions in the sky. Mogwai’s song “auto rock” is really awesome, incredible buildup and a great payoff at the end. It was on the Miami Vice soundtrack, which is one of my favorite soundtracks. Thanks for sharing!

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