What The Learning Channel has Become Today: A Gallery

It’s a given that most television stations evolve over the years.   But for the most part these stations evolve from a technological and “with the times” kind of a perspective.   For example, ESPN will most likely always be a sports site but obviously the way people dressed and how sports are presented have changed over the years.

However, some stations just completely change without us even realizing it.  The biggest example is probably MTV.  All they did in the beginning was spit out music videos.  Now you’ll be lucky to find one music video on that channel.   Speaking of change, how about The Learning Channel?  I mean should they really be calling it that anymore?  Definitely not.

And this gallery will show you why…..

Photo credits to Buzzfeed

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  1. i dont get it, TLC here means “the lifestyle channel” and always been about cooking and traveling and all that stuff. its owned partly by discovery network i think and was never called “the learning channel”.

  2. #Heath yeah i know, but my point is, maybe the “the learning channel” is gone, bought by discovery during the 90’s, then changed to “the lifestyle channel”. its still “TLC” but its actually a diffent channel

  3. I’m pretty sure the second pic is from the show Taboo, which I find interesting. Although I’m pretty sure it originated on National Geographic. The rest of the shows are crap though I will agree.

  4. Why is there a plethora of idiot shows dominating cable and network TV? Because Americans in general have gotten dumber. It’s true. Americans are some of the most ignorant people occupying this planet in peril. Under educated, drop outs, they will believe anything they’re told and believe everything that’s pooped out at them on their TV sets. About the only intelligent people in America now are the Chinese, Indians and other asians who know the value of a good education and right from wrong.

    Is it any wonder why Americans have such high religious beliefs? No intelligence folks! The Europeans are some of the brightest, aside of the asians, people in the world. And in Europe the belief in god is next to nothing. Dumb people will believe absolute bullshit!

    As Americans get progressively dumber so shall all TV shows. If you can’t imagine TV getting any dumber than it is, well are you in for a big surprise. Only intelligent people abstain from any sort of TV contact.

    Most Americans probably find it beyond their own ability to open up a book! Yeah, a book! It’s called reading. You know: comprehending what you’ve just read. But hey, more and more Americans are illiterate. Don’t bother with books. Just flip on the old tube and watch a marathon of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo or Pawn Stars. Oh yeah…. I can only speculate as to why America has the highest number of dementia sufferers!

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