What If Episode II Was Good?

Belated Media is back with another attempt to de-crapify the Star Wars prequel trilogies. They took on Episode I first, and had some rather good edits that would have made things significantly less terrible. Now they’re back to see how those changes would ripple into Episode II, along with other edits that really change the core structure of the film.

The main point here is that the focus of the story should not be on the romance between Anakin and Padme, but rather the relationship between Obi-Wan and Anakin, and how that deteriorates and ultimately leads Anakin to the dark side. I don’t think the Padme relationship needs to be killed completely (and it can’t be, because babies), but it definitely needed to be reworked to not be the most laughable part of the entire franchise.

He has some interesting ideas here, and it’s a 16 minute YouTube video where I actually stuck around for the whole thing for a change. It’s not Red Letter Media’s brutal 90 minute reviews, but it’s pretty good in it’s own right. Eat your heart out, David R.

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  1. Yes, I’m being baited. That said, I might watch this someday in full, but for now I turned it off after this guy proved he doesn’t understand the character of Yoda. Hopefully they keep this guy out of the room on the new ones, too

  2. Seriously, this guy is spot on. And ive been saying for years that Yodi shouldn’t use a lightsaber. Neither should Palpatine have used a lightsaber. I can’t wait for Episode III from this guy. And seriously, ALL of the prequels were bad.

  3. Erm … no. I’m five minutes in, and I’m kinda/sorta convinced this guy hasn’t seen Ep. 2 but instead is going off of what everyone has told him about it. (Example: Bail Organa HAD an arc in the prequels — granted, it wasn’t all that big, but he HAD one.)

    Plus changing the backstory for Owen Lars so that he essentially wasn’t a moisture farmer but became one sometime between the end of this film and the start of Ep. 4? Fiction doesn’t work all that well when EVERY character has some ‘phantom’ background.

    I think a lot of us who saw Ep. 2 wondered where the big ‘reveal’ was, something Lucas had clearly established in TESB. Some of what gets suggested above does lean more strongly in that direction than anything Lucas provided, but meh. What he suggests ends up being a REALLY anticlimactic ending to Ep. 2, so I wouldn’t have gone that way.

    There are certain ‘beats’ that work — I, also, wondered all over the internet during Eps. 1 & 2 why Obi-wan never foresaw anything relating to Anakin’s inevitable turn to the dark path, so did countless others! –, but, overall? This sounds like bloated fan-fiction.

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