What a Nice Looking Mer-man…Oh My God It’s TJ


“Dear Unreality,

My name is [redacted], please don’t use it. Like you, I scour the internet for bizarre images, though I don’t have a blog, I just print them out and hang them on my wall.

In any case, I came across one picture in my travels I thought you should know about. You may know that your writer, TJ, is strange, but did you know that he’s gone full Zoolander on you? The attached picture may render him unemployable as it shows him as a MER-MAN.

Some will call it art, other’s will call it a violation of Missouri’s animal hybrids ban. I just thought you should know about it, and make your decision from here. I don’t want to read any posts written by a stinkin’ Mer-man, but maybe I’m just being racist.

I also have a photo of Remy that involves a  doll’s head mask, a chainsaw and a goat, but I don’t think you can publish it.



PS. I just learned what “photo-shop” is. Perhaps TJ is not really a Mer-man after all. I wondered how they would use computers underwater anyway. See the alleged “original” photo below:”


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