Well, I’m Pretty Sure the New Wolverine Movie is Going to Suck


I remember a golden time when Darren Aronofsky was on board to direct The Wolverine. It would reunite him with Hugh Jackman, and we would surely get a movie with substance and style rather than a lot of yelling and explosions. It was actually one of my most anticipated films at the time.

But Aronofsky left the project, handing of it off to James Mangold, the man behind Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma and Girl Interrupted. I still held out hope that some of Aronofsky’s original vision could carry over to this new variant, but it seems I was wrong.

The film is finally starting to kick off its promotion. After an incredibly badass first poster, we’re now graced with this photoshop masterpiece above, along with a Dark Knight clone variant which you can see below. Besides these, we also now have our first trailer for the movie (also embedded below), and it’s just underwhelming. It looks a  lot like the last Wolverine movie with little to no style to it, and the story is…what, exactly? Wolverine loses his healing powers to become mortal? Because that’s fun.

Check out the other stuff I’ve mentioned below, and see if you’re starting to get a very bad feeling about this the way I am.

wolverine 2

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  1. Yeah, compared to the other superhero movies out there, this looks terribly lacking in substance. Which is a shame, because Wolverine has real depth as a character and Hugh Jackman is actually good in the role.

  2. I am worried as well. The trailer feels lazy to me, the train secuence remainds me the chopper secuence in the origins (and it was bad), the chinesse samurai girl thing looked better in Kill Bill and the female villain can’t look menacing on green (not even tearing her face out). CAN ANYONE GET TARANTINO TO MAKE A WOLVERINE MOVIE? We’re getting tired of T-wannabes.

  3. Yea, Im a tad concerned too. And the effects on the train sequence looked kinda duff.

    But from most things I read in the press, I get the impression that Jackman does actually give a shit about the character and would be bothered if the film doesnt represent Wolverine properly. Which counts for something-not that it can save a bad movie though.

  4. You can defend them all you want Paul, but that doesn’t mean that people wanted to see them. A movie can be a brilliant masterpiece with an amazing message but that doesn’t mean anything if it’s not appealing and no one cares.

  5. thank you..i thought i was the only one man ..fuck as soon i watched the trailer i had that familiar feeling of crap..i thought they were gona stay close to the ark of frank miller when wolverine was in japan but this looks nothing like it ..i know they cant make it exactly like that story but this just looks weak..well i guess well have to wait and see but im not looking forward to it anymore..

  6. I am kind of really pissed off this to be honest and am seriously contemplating whether I would even bother watching it. We pretty much already know that the movie is pretty much about Wolverine losing his powers – making him into a pussy mortal like everyone else.

    The only outcomes would be that after severely struggling as a mortal with a task, he would otherwise have been able to do with style and without much problems, he turns into a pussy mortal and dies of all age (very unlikely ending), or at the very last moment he somehow changes his mind, or his mutation overrides whatever ‘cure’ he was given, and kicks ass for the last 5 minutes of the movie. Either option sounds like we would have to sit through an hour or so of him being a semi-mortal weakening pussy, with any form of ‘depth’ restricted to whether or not he should have taken the ‘cure’ in hindsight. Both options, frankly, suck.

  7. i will admit the wolverine movies are not the best hero movies but get over it.red dawn was ok spring breakers bull shit and dredd a bloody fuck up.hugh is wolverine he fits it perfect so what he is over six foot look at all the other movies that where made that we think are good.iron man was a dotor not a weapons supply.i know it would a hell of a lot better if it was like the comics or books but there doin a new twist just like in batman.

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