“That Guy” Actor of the Week: Phil Morris

Jackie Chiles

While Phil Morris has actually been around the screen as early as 1966 (he played a boy at the age of 7 in Star Trek) it really wasn’t until he played the Johnnie Cochran parody lawyer “Jackie Chiles” on Seinfeld.   And honestly, despite the fact that you might have seen him many many times on TV, did you honestly know his name?  Probably not.

With over 125 credits, Morris has spanned TV as well as any other actor.  He’s mostly known for his voice (Justice League and Black Panther) but Morris gets around.  My favorite appearances by him include playing a guy named Terrell in “Hot Sluts,” and the Messenger in Meet the Spartans.

Seriously though, I want to pay respect to Morris and someday I hope he earns an Emmy.   Thanks for bringing us Jackie Chiles and hopefully we’ll see another great character like that shortly.

“No Top?  She didn’t have a top on?”  Lewd. Outrageous!  Oh Henry!

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