Watch in Awe as Super-Brilliant Terry Gilliam Explains his Monty Python Animations


A while back, I posted a bit of creative inspiration featuring John Cleese. Today, I’ve got another that stars fellow Python member Terry Gilliam as he talks about the process behind his bizarre, subversive bits of animation.

Gilliam has pretty much always been my favorite guy to come out of Monty Python, on account of his consistently visionary work as a director. What’s amazing about this clip is how evident his genius is on the surface. Every idea he throws out in this segment is great, and they come with a speed and ease that surely rivals anybody else in the industry. I also really want to try this now.

Let me hear from you below! Do you agree that Terry Gilliam is the best Python member, or do you prefer another? What’s your favorite Gilliam animation (I’m partial to that one with the statue of David)? Anyone want to give cutout animation a go now?

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  1. As I went through and watched the Monty Python boxset a few years back I always looked forward to the animations. When people talk about it they sometimes tend to overlook Terry Gilliam, but he is definitely a crucial part of the troupe. Some of his films are also really good and among my faves, like Fear and Loathing, Twelve Monkeys and Brazil. At around 6:55, when he says “you can be silly with your walks,” I couldn’t help but smile. What an awesome video, thank you for this.

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