Vulture’s Downton and Girls Paper Dolls

Vulture Dolls 2

Vulture cooks up some weird ideas sometimes, and this is certainly no exception. They commissioned artist Kyle Hilton to come up with a series of printable paper dolls for both Downton Abbey, and more recently, the guys of Girls. Yes, paper dolls.

Though you can print them, it’s just as funny to just look at them onscreen. The Downton ones cover most of the fan favorite cast members, while the Girls ones are most of the main males from the show, including Adam, who naturally does not have a cut-out shirt.

You can check out the rest of the dolls below, and click to make them a lot bigger.

Vulture Dolls 8

Vulture Dolls 7


Vulture Dolls 1

Vulture Dolls 6

Vulture Dolls 5

Vulture Dolls 4

Vulture Dolls 3

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