Ten of Our Favorite “Family Guy” Fights

Family Guy

How on earth did Family Guy ever originally get canceled?  I mean is that some kind of a joke?  Granted it happened in 2003 and perhaps America just wasn’t ready to laugh, but still it’s just not right.

Would you like a list of some show that were actually aired in 2003?  Here are a few:  That’s so Raven, Two and a Half Men, One Tree Hill, and Whoopi.  Yup those shows were on and Family Guy wasn’t.

I will say this though.  Arrested Development premiered in 2003 so that’s badass.

In any event, Family Guy rules.  It’s intelligent, sarcastic humor and the fact that it’s a cartoon means gratuitous violence is easy to get away with.  For example, check out these 10 fight scenes….

The Original Chicken Fight


This really set the stage for the show in unnecessarily long scenes that mean nothing.  Great stuff.

The Whole Family Fights


“Kicking Lois?”

Joe Kicks all Their Asses


Face it, he’s better in the wheelchair

Chicken Fight 2


I don’t have the strength

The Pillow Fight


So cute

Peter And Quagmire Punch Each Other


Good luck in yours!

Stewie Wants his Money


Where’s My Money Part 2


“Alright let’s go to the bank”

Hitler and Eva Arguing


I had to add this.  It’s not a physical fight but it’s hilarious

The London Silly Nannys Fight

Steroids Rule

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  1. Family Guy has gotten worse and worse. I absolutely loved it back in the day and the first season after it came back was great but I can watch an entire episode and only chuckle once or twice nowadays. And I’m sorry, even when it was good I would never EVER call it intelligent humour. Their fights are always awesome but they killed the chicken joke with the 2nd one.

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