Unspecified Thomas Jane Short Film is Worth Watching


Alright, I’ll say this up front. Read no further and watch the above video. It’s more fun if you’re not quite sure what you’re getting into, but some of you may guess pretty quickly. Oh, and there’s plenty of violence and language, so know that going in.

OK then. Tom Jane is a kickass guy. After he wasn’t invited back for a Punisher sequel (or he turned it down? I can’t recall), he decided that he wasn’t done with the character yet. The above short is a fan film that he made with some friends (including Ron Perlman) meant to be a “love letter” to the character for fans. It’s a slow burn that pays off in the end with a brutal beatdown as The Punisher exacts “punishment” (not justice) and passes his mantle onto ordinary oppressed citizens.

It’s just a short though, and no plans have been announced for another Punisher flick starring Jane. But if this video gets enough attention, I don’t think it’s out of the question. We can all forget about the crappy sequel and get some R-rated superhero goodness again from the man who should have the role.

Fun fact: Tom Jane had himself made-up as Jonah Hex and sent it to the studio in the hopes that he could get that part. For as horrible as that movie was, it was probably a blessing he wasn’t anywhere near it.

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  1. That so weird that you post this today, i just watched that film on netflix last night. I always thought it was a great film. It’s nice to see and actor taking things into his own hands and trying to get projects done.

  2. And apparently Marvel has gained back the movie rights to The Punisher. If Marvel decides to put out another Punisher flick, I hope they cast Jane again, I really liked him in the ’04(?) version.

  3. Yes that was very dope. The guy can totally pull it off again. Just get him out of Tampa and back in NYC. Set him up against Kingpin for a three movie arc. Cameos by Daredevil and Spidey too.

  4. Punisher War Zone is one of my favorite bad/good movies ever. I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun in theater. I liked it more than both Iron Man and Over-rated 2 (The Dark Knight).

  5. Yes, we do need a sequel for the Thomas Jane Punisher movie and totally forget the last one with Ray Stevenson.

    And yes you were right about Jane not even wanting to do the sequel because he knew the crap way it was going.

  6. @Paul Tassi
    He was not asked back, in fact from what Tom said he had asked them when he could start when he heard War Zone was in the works and they gave him the finger. I’m glad War Zone made the list of top ten worst gross movies ever, serves them right for ditching him.

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