Professor X Fires the Bird, I Mean Angel

So I guess Pete Holmes is going to take this “Professor X Fires People” train for as long as he can ride, and now he’s moving onto the next most useless hero. He’s already fired my two favorite X-Men, Wolverine and Gambit, and now he’s moving on to someone I don’t really give a shit about, Angel.

This is Ben Foster-era feather winged Angel, and this is one I can fully agree is pretty useless. You can’t JUST be able to fly. You have to combine that with super strength, or invulnerability or something. So you can do what, catch falling people? Rescue people from rooftop if they’re not heavy? That’s really it.

Angel actually got an upgrade from Apocalypse or Mister Sinister, whichever one ripped his wings off and turned him into Archangel, who then had metal wings that shoot razor feathers at you. Now THAT is a cool power.

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  1. I know Angel’s power set kinda sucks, but the Archangel transformation made him one of my favorite X-men. In my dream X-men trilogy, Alexander Skarsgard would play Angel. In the first movie he’s be Angel, get transformed at the end of the second, then be death in the third before redeeming himself (Apocalypse would be the big bad of the trilogy, hinted at in the first movie, awakend in the second, and full on wrecking stuff in the third). Also Micheal Raymond-James would play Gambit.

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