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Well hey there readers, time for quick chat. As you may have noticed over the past few months, we’ve added a few new writers to our roster. In addition to NattyB and I, the talented TJ, Remy, Zack, Dave and David have been contributing a few articles a week. We’ve really liked how it’s expanded our audience and brought in new voices and perspectives, and we want to continue that by adding a few more folks.

What we’re looking for are people who can commit to writing a piece or two a week (no more than that probably) for the site, and be able to have a set day (or days) where their work is published every week. Posts can be written whenever, so long as they are scheduled to go up on assigned days. We’re looking for articles pertaining to movies, TV, video games and comics that are usually anywhere from 800-2000 words (depending on how verbose you are). They can be columns about certain issues in the industry, a love letter to your favorite overlooked film, or a list. Everyone loves lists.

If this sounds like something that would interest any up and coming writers out there, email me a sample post as a Word doc at paul@unrealitymag.com. If you have any links to other articles you’ve written, that would be great as well. We’re only looking for a couple new people writing one or maybe two posts a week, and it’s great exposure for anyone trying to get their name out there as we do have a relatively large audience.  Social media knowledge is a plus, as we’re trying to figure out an incentive program based on traffic for down the line. I know some of you have already submitted a sample when we had a similar writing contest this winter. Feel free to reapply, either with what you submitted before, or perhaps a new sample article if your skills have evolved. And newcomers are of course welcome.

Looking forward to reading your stuff!



  1. Darthkostis May 15, 2012
  2. Mouserz May 15, 2012
  3. Poke May 15, 2012
  4. Gale May 15, 2012
  5. Paul Tassi May 15, 2012
  6. Mantis May 15, 2012
  7. Shiki May 16, 2012
  8. Darthkostis May 16, 2012
  9. HarshReality79 May 17, 2012
  10. Fez May 20, 2012
  11. Jonnie Darko May 21, 2012
  12. Marcela De Vivo March 14, 2013

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