Se7en Reasons Why David Fincher is The Man

David Fincher

David Fincher has proven himself time and time again to be one of the best directors in the business.  From Fight Club to The Social Network it really doesn’t matter what genre he tackles.   He’s clearly demonstrated that he separates himself from the pack with his amazing twists and dark ways of storytelling. Anything I say about his movies will not do them justice because the complexity that seems to go into every little thing he does is unmatched. I’ve also read a fair amount about Fincher and he’s a man that knows his vision and sticks with it.  He’s a hardass through and through, but it’s obvious that he knows what he’s doing and what we wants. In fact here are seven reasons why David Fincher is a total stud.

1. Pretty Sweet Movie Debut

David Fincher

After Fincher directed several popular music videos, he was awarded with the largest budget in history for a first time director (at the time).  In 1992 he directed Alien 3 which received an Oscar for it’s special effects.   The movie wasn’t received well but Fincher still deserves credit for having gotten off to that kind of start.

2.  Fincher’s got balls

David Fincher

Here are a few examples:

Alien 3- Fincher became involved with several disputes with 20th Century Fox over script and budget issues, which eventually led Fincher to disassociate himself with the production in later years.  In “The Director’s Cut” he blames the producers for not putting the necessary trust in him. He opines that they were not interested in making a good film but instead wanted to exploit the franchise in the most profitable manner

Se7en – With the aid of Brad Pitt, who stated that he would not be involved with the picture if its ending was changed, Fincher was allowed to film the original scene and use it in the final cut.   Fincher was the original person to refuse.

Fight Club – there was a lot of controversy surrounding this movie that the public doesn’t know about.  Screenplay issues, etc etc.  But Fincher stuck to his guns on his idea and refused to film unless he could do it his way, despite major studio opposition.  Despite original poor reviews, the film eventually appeared on many of the “best films of the year” lists.

3.  The use of the Porn Clip Edit in Fight Club.

David Fincher

Those who love this movie know what I’m talking about.  That’s just Fincher saying “I’m gonna do whatever the f*ck I wanna do, so how do you like it?”

4.  Awesome Roots

David Fincher

The Guy was an assistant cameraman and matte photographer for 3 classic movies in the 80’s:  Neverending Story, Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  I wonder if he still talks to George Lucas.  Probably not.

5.  He does his homework

David Fincher

One has to think that in order for a movie like Zodiac to be done that years must have gone into that movie.  And think about Se7en.  You don’t just create a psychopath like Spacey’s character out of thin air.  Especially the references to the bible, the way he kills, etc etc.  And his homework certainly pays off.

6.  Music Video History


It’s not just movies that Fincher does.  After all he wouldn’t have his movie success or start in Aliens 3 if he didn’t direct some kick ass music stuff.  Among his notables are Madonnna: The Immaculate Collection,  and Dangerous:  The Short Films (Michael Jackson).

7.  Brad Pitt definitely likes him more than Angelina Jolie

David Fincher

Se7en, Fight Club, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Enough Said.

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