Twitter Users Share Pics of the “Snow-Pocalypse” Taking Place in New York

Snow House

We kid and joke about a possible apocalypse all the time.  I mean searches for “How to prepare yourself for a Zombie Apocalypse” have risen ten fold in the last five years.  Sure it’s because of shows like Walking Dead but do any of us really think that we’re going to be eaten by humans at some point?  Well, I do but that’s besides the point.  The point is that a true Apocalypse is taking place under our very noses at this very moment in time.  It just happens to be in the Buffalo region of the U.S.  But man is it eerie out there.  These are some pictures that twitter users have captured of the massive storm (including the one above which  looks like a house that’s more than welcoming the snow, it’s even happy about it!)

NY State Thruway in Buffalo this morning!

Here’s what it’s like in the middle of the BuffaloSnow storm

60 Inches

Buffalo firefighters carrying a patient 10 blocks to mercy hospital


Now this guy is thinking right!


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