True Blood Episode 2.7 Review


This week’s episode of True Blood answered a lot of questions, but it also presented some new ones.  Not everyone was who they seemed, and I’m not even referring to Maryann.  We were treated with another Bill flashback scene, Eric was featured just a bit more prominently, but perhaps best of all, we got some good Hoyt and Jessica action.  The big question, though, was what in the world happened to Godric…and I’m still not quite sure.  Keep reading for the full review.  As always, spoilers ahead.

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We pick up right where we left off, with Maryann wearing her weird bull’s head and preparing to cut Sam’s heart out with a knife.  Luckily, though, Andy stumbles into the crazy party/orgy/sacrifice and, appauled at what he sees, fires his gun into the air.  This pisses off all of the Bon Temps residents who were in the middle of fornicating, but it also gives Sam a window to shapeshift into a dog and make his escape.  An out-of-his-mind Terry, complete with black eyes, punches Andy in the arm.

Later on, Sam and Daphne reunite by their pond, Daphne’s breasts protruding from underneath the water in a not-so-subtle manner.  Not only has the sexuality of True Blood been turned way up this season, but it almost seems as if they’re going out of their way to do it.  Not that I mind.  Anyway, there’s nothing left to figure out about Maryann, since Daphne explains to Sam (and us) just about everything:  she’s a maenad, as close to God as humans will ever be, and she channels the sins, such as lust, violence, gluttony, and so on.

Is Maryann truly evil, then?  I say no; she’s a “god” and as such, those sort of concepts don’t apply.  Sure, the Satan comparison was made, but Maryann seems to help troubled people and get their lives straight.  In return, all she asks is that they party with her and help to cut out someone’s heart every once in awhile.  Is that really so bad?  OK, I guess it is…especially considering that she doesn’t seem to be very loyal to her converts.  Using Eggs as a proxy, Maryann has Daphne killed.

We got another Bill and Lorena flashback, this time to Los Angeles in 1935.  Frankly, I miss the vicious Bill from the Chicago flashback; L.A. Bill is mopey and emo like his current self.  It’s amazing that he left Lorena and not the other way around.


Sookie, meanwhile, is still trapped in the Newlin’s basement with Hugo.  Hugo, suffering from a severe case of claustrophobia,  blabs to Steve about who sent them and their mission to infiltrate the Fellowship.  At this point, Sookie reaches out to Barry (the telepath in the vampire hotel) using her thoughts and begs him to inform Bill of her capture.  Later, Sookie reads Hugo’s thoughts and discovers that he is in fact the traitor who tipped off the Fellowship.  Maybe it wasn’t just the Fellowship; a vampire must be working with them to destroy the powerful Godric.


Which is, of course, Eric’s theory.  Eric believes that Stan helped in the capture of Godric so that he could become sheriff, and bad ass Eric doesn’t hesitate to accuse him of doing so.  With the prospect of losing Godric forever, Eric cries blood, but he still manages to look bad ass and imposing.  Eric remains, in my opinion, the best character on the show.  Isabel seemed to know that Eric was interested in Sookie; I wouldn’t mind seeing him bump Bill out of the way to try and get with her.  Lorena spilled the beans as to why she was preventing Bill from going to Sookie, so maybe that’ll be the focus of Season 3.

Tara and Eggs keep doing Tara and Eggs things (which is cuddling, smoking weed, and more cuddling), and Lafayette has started up his V network again.  What was Lafayette’s deal with Eggs?  Did he not trust him?

Jason must have really given it to Sarah (or maybe Steve’s totally inept in the bedroom), because she becomes head-over-heels for him.  Sarah wants to tell Steve right away about her new love, and the whole time Jason has a classic “oh shit” look on his face, despite Sarah’s bangin’ body.  I like Jason’s character a lot, but he’s definitely becoming the main source of comic relief on the show.  After Steve finds out from Hugo that Sookie, like Jason, is a Stackhouse, he mistakenly figures that dim Jason must be in on the whole infiltration.  Steve orders Gabe to deal with Jason (i.e., kill him), but Jason manages to beat Gabe’s ass and escape.  Later though, Sarah finds Jason and shoots him.  Is Jason dead?  No way – my guess is that she hit him with a tranquilizer.


Back at the vampire hotel, Hoyt and Jessica reveal to each other that they’re virgins, and decide that they want to be each others’ first.  If any two characters on this show are worth rooting for, it’s Hoyt and Jessica (who gets hotter every week).  Normally, I’d consider all the candles and rose pedals Hoyt set up to be pretty cheesy, but because it’s Hoyt, I think it’s great.

Finally, Gabe returns to the cell where Sookie and Hugo were being held and, in a rage, attempts to rape Sookie.  He’s stopped by something supernatural, and of course you’re lead to believe it was Eric…but it wasn’t.  Holding up Gabe like a toy we see Godric, sporting a Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber haircut.  Um, why isn’t he chained up?

What did you guys think?  What’s Godric’s deal, and what is the fate of Jason?

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  1. My guess, Jason got shot with a paintball gun (large clip on gun just like the ones they were using for paintball earlier in the season). Now I just really want to know what’s up with the whole “Godric being kidnapped” thing. I mean, he looked ‘out-and-about’ right at the end there. I swear every episode I watch is the fastest hour of my life.

  2. it had to be the paintball gun..but the tranquilizer makes sense too..i am starting to love Jason..he’s just adorable^^
    i am a little peeved that daphne is much as i don’t like her, she added something to MaryAnn…and i want to know if Eggs has a brain or if he’s just been brainwashed so much that it doesn’t matter..
    i liked andy in this episode and how sam was going to reach out to him..they need to stick together!
    boo whiny bill!!
    and i refuse to let eric be seduced by makes me cry…but i did love the sad,angsty eric..i do love angst^^
    i love hoyt and his blood-scented candles^^ that was just too damn cute^^…jessica and hoyt are too adorable..

  3. @ orlisnjangel

    It’s nice to see Andy get a bit more screen time. He was unlikeable in Season 1 (and was supposed to be, I’m sure), but hopefully he’ll play a big part in bringing down or getting rid of Maryann. Chris Bauer is a terrific actor; he should probably be used more.

  4. I don’t think Godric was ever captured, I think he gave himself over to the FoTS church. My estimation is that being over 2 thousand years old and all, Godric has grown tired of immortality but can’t bring himself to commit suicide. So he gives himself over to the religious nuts so they can do it instead.

    Now, being the reputation that the TX vamps seem to have, this could also be Godric’s way of inciting a war between humans and vampires as well as ending his own life.

    I am told by friends who read the book that my conclusion is not far off though the book differs on Godric’s intentions.

  5. @ZenDigital

    Well, it makes somewhat more sense if he turned himself over, as I don’t know how the Fellowship would bring him down, even with their weapons and with the help of, say, Stan.

    I do want to see him rip Gabe to shreds, though.

  6. @ ZenDigital, please don’t write hints like the book stuff, it’s kind of a partial spoiler.

    @ Madison, I don’t think so either, I didn’t think it was Eric who saved Sookie before you sat Godrick, because Eric wouldn’t be able to get into the building without an invitation.

  7. @ Marcus

    I agree as far as spoilers go; I avoided watching that Season 2 trailer on HBO since it shows scenes way down the line, and in my reviews I try to focus on the episode at hand and form my predictions based on what I’ve seen on the show, not what I’ve read or seen elsewhere.

    And yeah, good point – how does Eric get in? He can’t right now.

  8. A church isn’t a private residence like a home, it’s a public building, so i don’t think he needs an invitation. As for any religious reasons, Bill could be in a church and touch a cross in season 1, so I don’t see any reason Eric couldn’t enter.

  9. @xenoirish
    but wasn’t bill invited into the church??
    i do agree that a church is a public place so that’s probably how he gets in..and now it makes me wonder what would happen if they try to go in univited…is it like walking into a wall? i’m rambling..time to stop..

  10. So at the end of the episode, did Bill sneak out of the room while Lorena was distracted by Barry telling them about Sookie? It was super fast, and I’m just assuming that. And that Lorena snatched Barry in to the room.

    Hoyt is just adorable. I completely agree about Eric. He’s just amazing. I laughed at the Emo Bill comment. Funny stuff.

  11. Bill talks about in season one that vampires can enter both public buildings and churches, so there is no reason to believe that Eric, or Stan or any other vampire can’t enter the church. Though I’d imagine that Steve thinks the vampires can’t come in his church uninvited.

    Did anyone else think that they whole Lafayette selling V is sort of a played out idea? Okay, he did that all last season, now he’s going to do it for Pam and Eric? Sounds like they could have come up with a better idea and story line for such a popular character.

  12. Good point with the church, but there are private churches though, right? I mean, is it the fact that it’s the church, or the fact that the building is public/private? Because their church seems somewhat private compared to normal churches, i.e. it seems to be mainly for the Sun-Army and people attending events, where they’ve been invited, like the lock-down.

    @ Laura, Bill didn’t run out, Eric did, from his room opposite of Bill’s.

    By the way, if you want to see a cool scene showing one idea of what would happen to vampires walking inside, with out an invitation, then watch the amazing, Swedish vampire movie Let the Right One In.

  13. @Marcus- That scene from “Let the Right One In” was exactly what I thought of too when I thought about what might happen if the vamps came in uninvited…
    And yes, you could argue that the church is more private then some, but maybe it’s not really a residence because no one lives in the actual chapel? I just don’t think the show will split hairs about that, though I could be wrong.

  14. @ Laura

    That snatching and sprinting scene happened so fast I couldn’t really tell what was going on. I knew Barry was snatched, but by whom? It had to be Lorena, right?

    @ Marcus, Hey Lady!

    I saw Let the Right One In in the theater, and I own it on DVD. The best vampire movie ever made, period. Simply beautiful.

  15. @ZenDigital Niice!

    Never read the books, but read the wikiTrueBlood page. Godric isn’t even a major character in the Sookie Books. From what I read on wiki, Godric isn’t even Eric’s maker. But that’s beside the point, the TV story went beyond the books, from the articles I’ve read.

    Anyway, based off of @ZenDigital’s message, Godric probably played possum when he was captured by the Fellowship. In turn it’s probably part of a master plan of his.

    My guess at his plan:
    1) Godric HATES The Great Revelation and wants to Start a War.
    (more so than Stan does. I even bet, Godric’s the one who preached to his soldiers that the Great Revelation ruined the vampires, thus leading to Stan’s attitude toward it.)

    And he wants to prove a point of take it to the next level…

    2) So he decides to get “captured” to rally his Texas Vamps to near riot (as alluded to by Eric when he said Texas vampires would go crazy without their sheriff).

    I put quotations, because it’s clear from this episode, that Godric is free.

    After his capture, his soldiers rally together. ALL his soldiers, which includes his favorite. The Mighty Viking Vampire, Eric. (Which they do! Ie. Isabelle, Stan and Eric have a summit.)

    3) He wants to be reunited with Eric, his greatest soldier, who he may command to lead the charge against the humans!

    4) War.

    Godric will make a power play to become The King of Texas, rather than just a sheriff.

    Perhaps by showing that he can destroy the greatest threat to the Vampires in his territory, something that the King or Queen probably didn’t want to do, he’ll gain support from the Vampire Nation who despise the humans and The Great Revelation.

    It’s pure Vampire Politics and it’s beautiful!! OMG!!

    * Side thought that just came to me as an explanation why Godric looks powerful even though he’s supposed to be captured.

    Steve Newlin mentioned to Jason that he invited him into his home, ie. The Church. What if Godric pretended to be human at first and met with Steve who…”invited” him into his home, ie. the Church! THUS rendering Newlin powerless and granting Godric all the power! Then he pretended to be weak, and got captured. Just a scientific guess… 🙂

    I won’t lie, that’d be a great storyline if that’s where they’re going! Woo!

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