10 Trailers for Movie Sequels That Don’t Exist (Yet)


I’ll be honest – I could go for a new Jaws movie.  No, I don’t think the most recent sequels were very good, but there’s something about a giant shark lurking through the water to a John Williams score only to eviscerate an unfortunate swimmer that gets me amped up.  Some formulas just work, I guess.

Judging by some of the videos on the Internet, I’m not alone.  But it’s not just Jaws sequels that people are pining for; there are fan-made trailers for yet-to-be released sequels all over the place.  Not all are great, but I managed to find some pretty cool ones (the Ghostbusters one is insane).  I do have a feeling that we’ll inevitably see these actual sequels released at some point – a very strong feeling, actually – but in the meantime, enjoy 10 trailer for movie sequels that don’t exist…yet.

Ghostbusters Go to Hell


Jaws 5: Resurface


Rocky 7: Clubber’s Revenge


Terminator Invasion


Alien 5


Batman 3


X-Men 4


Transformers 3


Spider-Man 4


Superman: The Man of Steel


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  1. Damn it!!! I jumped out of my seat when I saw that poster!

    Then turned my head to my calendar on the wall and said no way! This month!?… Then I saw the title. 🙁

  2. I think The Riddler would be an awesome villain for the next Batman movie, but I swear to god, if it ends up being Johnny Depp, I will shoot someone.

  3. Gotta be honest. After hearing that epic/orchestral/singing/chanting music is nearly all these trailers, by the time I got to the last one I was expecting to hear the chanting from that episode of South Park with Damien.


  4. In the episode of The Simpson’s where Bart has to go to Shelbyville to get back the lemon tree, he mentions “Rocky VII: Adrian’s Revenge.”

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